Cassie Grieb
Emergent Literacy
Pick a Picture

Rationale: To learn to recognize words with /a/ in spoken words.  This lesson will help children become aware of the /a/ (short a) and practice applying /a/ phoneme in spoken sounds.  Lesson allows for students to use their own creativity while helping them learn the short vowel /a/.

Materials: Drawing paper, pencil, five picture cards with pictures of a hat, rat, cat, pig, and dog on each one, crayons or markers, and Pat’s Jam (educational insight, 1990).

1. Introduce lesson by explaining the short /a/ sound.  “Have you ever heard a baby cry really loud?  A crying baby opens his/her mouth all the way and says /a/.  Well, this is the same sound the short vowel a makes in words.  Let’s make the crying baby sound together (have student make the /a/ sound along with you).
2. Ask the student the following: He’s the last on the list.  Now say /a/, do you hear /a/ in last or list?  How about on Halloween bring a big bag?  Now say /a/, do you hear /a/ in big or bag?
3. Explain the next part of the lesson by saying: Now I’m going to show you some pictures and I want you to tell me which picture says the /a/ sound.  Show child cards one at a time and ask them to tell you what the pictures are on the cards. After child has seen all 5 cards place them in front of child and ask child to find the pictures with the /a/ sound in the spoken words.
4. Now let’s make our own pictures with /a/ sound.  Use the paper and crayons and think of your own pictures to make.
5. To conclude the lesson have student read Pat’s Jam.

Cindy Bagwell, 1st/2nd grade, Yarbrough Elementary School, Auburn, Al, 2001.

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