Ingrid Caldwell
Reading to Learn
Can You Predict It?

Rationale.  Students will apply reading strategies to improve understanding and fluency.  They will also establish a purpose for reading.

Materials:  Several copies of The Shoemaker and the Elves (or any story you would like to use), pencils, worksheets of “Can you Predict the Story” and worksheets for actual story.

Procedure: This lesson can be done with any story that adheres to the children’s grade level.  A good example to be used is The Shoemaker and the Elves by Esop.  However, the story is not to be read till after the activity.
1.  Before beginning the lesson you should also go over Setting, Characters, Problem, Solution and Ending of a story.
2.  “Ok class, I am going to hand out a worksheet to all of you.”  “The worksheet is entitled “Can you predict the story.”  It is divided into five sections:  Setting, Characters, Problem, Solution, and Ending.”
3.  Ten pre-selected words will also be given to the students.  “Ok class, we must all put on our thinking caps and use our thinking skills to decide where the words might fit into the story.”  The words may be placed in any five columns, but may not be repeated in more than one column.”  Further directions may be needed to make sure all the children understand.
4.  “Ok class, now that we are done with that, let’s create our own story with information we have made up.”  This will serve as a prediction to the upcoming story.  Plenty of time will be allowed so the children can be creative.
5.  After this had been done, any child that would like to share his story may do so with the class.  Explain to the class that they have just made a prediction about the story we are about to read.
6.  “Ok class, I am now going to read to you The Shoemaker and the Elves.  Keep the predictions you made in mind while I read the story to see if any of them were correct.”
After I have read the story I will give each child a copy of the story to read and “study” themselves.

Assessment:  After the children have been handed their own copy of The Shoemaker and the Elves have them silently read it aloud so they will not disturb their neighbors.  I would then walk around the room and listen to each child read a little bit to see how they are doing.  I would then hand out another worksheet so they can fill in the real answers of (setting, characters….) and have them compare and contrast that worksheet the first “Can you predict the story?

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