Michelle Burton
Growing Independence and Fluency


Rationale:  Most beginning readers spend a lot of time trying to decode words, and do not pay much attention to expressive reading.  It is extremely important for children to become good expressive readers.  In order to read with expression they must be able to read faster and more smoothly while at the same time changing the tone or pitch of their voice.  This lesson helps them become expressive readers.

Materials:  (1) There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, (2) wide variety of book for children to choose form and (3) short piece of text for each child.

1. To become a good reader you must learn to use expression.  What do you think this means? (Allow children to discuss).  I am going to demonstrate an expressive reader and a non-expressive reader.  I want you to pay close attention to the different ways I read this page (teacher then reads page with no expression and monotone, and then again with expression).  What differences did you notice in these two reading?  Which part did you enjoy listening to more? Why?
2. Did everyone notice that my voice got loud and then soft and also fast and then slow?  By changing our voice the story becomes more interesting.  The change in pitch or volume of our voice can mean many different things when we are reading.  For example when someone reads something fast, it may mean something exciting is about to happen.
3. Alright, now I am going to pair you up with a partner.  This will be your reading partner for this week.  You are all going to have an opportunity to become better readers by practicing reading with expression.  I want you all to concentrate on making those different changes in your voice.  The more times you read the book the better you will become at reading with expression.  I am going to walk around the room and see how you are doing (teacher walks around and points out someone who is doing a good job).  I like the way ----is reading with lots of expression (have child model).

Assessment:  I am going to pass out a short piece of text to each of you and I would like you to read the text using all the elements of expression we just talked about.

Reference:  http://www.auburn.edu/rdggenie/fluency.html

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