Michelle Burton
Beginning Reading
Let's Ride the Train 

Rationale:  In order for a child to become a skilled reader they must know that words are composed of phonemes.  They must learn all the phonemes in words to be able to read them.  Some of these phonemes are called digraphs.  This lesson will focus on the digraph /ch/.

Materials:  (1) The Little Engine that Could, (2) pencils, (3) dry erase board and markers, (4) words with /ch/ and (5) notecards (green and red).

1. Today we are going to work on reading and spelling words with /ch/.  Lets practice the mouth movements involved in producing the /ch/ sound (teacher demonstrates and the students echo).  What sound does a choo-choo train make? (students respond)  That's right (teacher makes /ch/ sound again).
2. Now let's try this tongue twister:  Charlie chose the choo-choo train for Chester.  Let's say it together.  Now we are going to isolate the /ch/ like this (teacher demonstrates) /ch/arlie /ch/ose the /ch/oo-/ch/oo train for /ch/ester.  Let's try it together.  Great job!
3. Now we are going to practice writing c and h together.  You first make the c by starting right below the middle of the fence and making a half circle (teacher demonstrates).  To make the h you start at the top of the fence and go straight down to the ground.  Then without lifting your pencil you go back up the same line to the middle of the fence and then make a humpback back down to the bottom of the fence (teacher demonstrates again).  Now I want you to make some ch's.
4. Now I am going to say some words and if you hear the /ch/ in the word I want you to hold the green side of your notecard up, but if you don't hear the /ch/ then hold the red side up (teacher demonstrates with the word chop).  Let's try these words: chair, cheap, chart, make, horn, shoe, choose, shop, car, chocolate, and chew.

Assessment:  Now I am going to read a book and when you hear the /ch/ sound I want you to raise your hand

Reference:  Elderedge, J. Lloyd (1995).  Teaching Decoding in Holistic Classrooms.

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