Lesson Designs from Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
May 2001
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I. Emergent Literacy

Ideas for teaching letter recognition
Barclay O'Brien, Musical Alphabet
Ideas for teaching phoneme awareness
Renee McInnish, Popcorn PPPopping P
Amy Vest, Say Ahh!
Rachel Williams, My Munching Mouth
Kim Burns, Ehhh . . . What'd You Say?
Anna Maner, Rocking Chair E
Leigh Anne Brace, The Summer Sun is Hot, Hot, Hot!
Amy Turner, Let's Rock
Leah Brown, Sneaky Slimy Snake
Sara Ellen Killian, Baby Sally Is Upset Again!
Robyn Shields, Ouch!  I Have a Booboo!
Bryant Foreman, Adam, Abby, and the Stolen Apple
Nancy Williams, Aaah! . . . The Baby is Crying
Devon Shaw, Appetizing Apples
Melissa Jackson, The Cry Baby
Christi Treadwell, Excellent Eggs
Mary Ann Harbour, The Icky-Sticky Sound
Erin Rice, Chimps Chugging Chocolate Milk
Michelle Copeland, Hungry Ollie Octopus
Hannah Johnson, The B . . . B . . . B . . . Broken Car
Stacey Stanfield, Oscar Says Ahhh
Ally Ellison, The Crying Baby Sound
Jennifer Kelley, Shuffling Feet
Julie Dunn, Open Up··Say AHHHHHHH!
Amy Cowhick, A Doctor's Visit
Michelle Burton, Can You Hear the /e/?
Cassie Grieb, Pick a Picture
Megan Lankford, A Visit to the Doctor
Angel Moore, A-Okay!
Carolyn Lawton, Icky-Icky Sticky!
Lindsey Champine, Open Your Mouth and Say Ahh!
Lindsay Moseley, The Crying Baby
Claire Hoffman, The Creaky Door
Joslyn Vilabrera, Sh . . . Sh . . . Be Quiet
Ashley Dulaney, Simple Sam and Sleepy Sally
Ideas for teaching concepts about print
Ingrid Caldwell, Time to Rhyme
Pebbles King, Gone Fishing

II. Beginning Reading
Ideas for teaching decoding with short vowels
Amy Vest, Icky Sticky!
Kim Burns, Aaah, I'm Hungry!
Sara Ellen Killian, The Itsy Bitsy Pig (Not Spider?)
Nancy Williams, Icky Sticky Inchworm
Carolyn Lawton, He Punched Me!
Ideas for teaching decoding with long vowels
Rachel Williams, Busy as a Bee
Robyn Shields, "A" All Around!
Melissa Jackson, What Does a Cow Say?
Stacey Stanfield, Sweet Feet
Ally Ellison, No Pain, No Brain!
Jennifer Kelley, O No!
Ideas for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Leigh Anne Brace, Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!
Amy Turner, Shhh . . . The Baby is Sleeping!
Leah Brown, Sssshhhh . . . No Shouting!
Barclay O'Brien, Cheerful Children Chanting
Bryant Foreman, Shhh!  I'm Trying to Learn This Digraph!
Christi Treadwell, It's All in the Family
Mary Ann Harbour, All Aboard the Choo-Choo Train
Erin Rice, Theo and his Thirty Thirsty Brothers
Michelle Copeland, Choo Choo!
Hannah Johnson, I'm Going to Ch . . . Ch . . . Chase You!
Devon Shaw, "Swish, Swish," Says the Fish
Julie Dunn, Champions of /Ch/
Amy Cowhick, Shhh!  You're in the Library!
Michelle Burton, Let's Ride the Train
Megan Lankford, Shhh, Quiet Please!
Angel Moore, Copycat, Copycat!
Lindsey Champine, Choo Choo Train
Lindsay Moseley, Shhh! Be Quiet
Claire Hoffman, Quiet Time
Pebbles King, Classroom Ball
Ideas for teaching blending
Renee McInnish, Hissing S Snake Learns to Blend in With Others
Anna Maner, Blending Bumper Cars
Ingrid Caldwell, Sliding Vowels
Cassie Grieb, Helping a Rat
Joslyn Vilabrera, Play the Word Accordion
Ashley Dulaney, Betty Blender
Ideas for teaching cross-checking
Ideas for teaching spelling

III. Growing Independence & Fluency
Ideas for teaching faster reading
Renee McInnish, Learning to Read With Superman Speed
Kim Burns, I Have the Need for Speed!
Anna Maner, Let's Learn to Read Fast, Smooth, and Expressively
Melissa Jackson, Fast as Fast Can Be . . .
Hannah Johnson, F. A. I. T. H.
Carolyn Lawton, The Great Reading Race
Joslyn Vilabrera, Read and Rescue
Ideas for teaching smoother or more expressive reading
Amy Vest, Perfect 10 for Expression!
Rachel Williams, The Little Children that Can!
Leigh Anne Brace, What Can We Do Today?
Amy Turner, Reading With Expression
Leah Brown, Expressions, Expressions!
Sara Ellen Killian, Mrs. Killian's Theatre
Robyn Shields, Can You Feel the Book?
Bryant Foreman, Reading With Expression, Fluency, and Accuracy Makes Reading FUN!
Nancy Williams, Expressing Your Reading
Devon Shaw, Reading Rainbow
Christi Treadwell, Ice Cream
Michelle Copeland, Reading Recall
Stacey Stanfield, Express Yourself
Ally Ellison, Read It Like You Mean It!
Jennifer Kelley, Not Just Words
Ingrid Caldwell, Let's Help the Bears
Amy Cowhick, Express Yourself!
Michelle Burton, SWALLOWED a FLY?
Cassie Grieb, Punctuation to the Rescue
Angel Moore, Express Yourself!
Lindsey Champine, It's My Turn to Read
Lindsay Moseley, Reading With Expression
Ideas for teaching silent reading
Barclay O'Brien, Silence for Solo Reading
Mary Ann Harbour, Shhhh . . . Silent Reading
Julie Dunn, Silence is a Virtue
Megan Lankford, I Can Read Without Making a Sound!
Claire Hoffman, I Can't Hear You
Ideas for teaching children to read voluntarily and avidly
Erin Rice, I Read It on My Own!
Ashley Dulaney, Munching Yummy Books
Pebbles King, "Spring" Into Step

IV. Reading to Learn
Ideas for teaching summarization
Renee McInnish, It Doesn't Take Magic to Be Able to Be Able to Comprehend
Amy Vest, What's the Main Idea?
Leigh Anne Brace, So What Are You Trying to Say Here?
Leah Brown, Someone is Summarizing
Barclay O'Brien, Summarization is the Key to Success
Christi Treadwell, Making Sense of What We Read
Mary Ann Harbour, Summarizing and Mapping for Comprehension
Erin Rice, Top It All Off With a Topic Sentence
Hannah Johnson, Let's Go
Stacey Stanfield, Summarizing Strategies
Amy Cowhick, Wild Things!
Cassie Grieb, Read All About It
Megan Lankford, Summarize What You Read
Carolyn Lawton, Map Me a Paragraph
Lindsey Champine, Let Me Tell You What I Know
Claire Hoffman, Erasing the Extras
Joslyn Vilabrera, Sum It Up!
Ideas for teaching visualization
Sara Ellen Killian, Who Needs Illustrations?
Robyn Shields, Visualize It, Understand It, Remember It!
Michelle Burton, Let's Create a Picture!
Angel Moore, Picture This!
Ashley Dulaney, Sketch It to Stretch It!
Pebbles King, Rainbow Day
Ideas for teaching children about story grammar
Kim Burns, Do You Know Your Story Grammar?
Anna Maner, We Can Comprehend What We Read
Amy Turner, Remember What You Read!
Bryant Foreman, Who, What, When, Where, and Why . . . and How Is This Strategy Used?
Nancy Williams, Comprehension is the Key to Understanding
Michelle Copeland, Comprehending Through Questioning
Jennifer Kelley, People to Read About, Places to Go (in Your Mind), and Things to Remember
Ingrid Caldwell, Can You Predict It?
Ideas for teaching children to ask or answer questions
Julie Dunn, Question Yourself
Melissa Jackson, Who, What, When, Where, and Why Is he There?
Ally Ellison, Read and Retain!
Ideas for teaching other comprehension strategies
Rachel Williams, Comprehend That Reading!
Devon Shaw, My Special Reading Notebook
Lindsay Moseley, Reading Comprehension Jobs