GenieBooks in PowerPoint
Decodable books for beginning readers

Lad and the Fat Cat.  Introduces short a; requires only consonants and glue words.
        Lad wants to take a nap on his mat but someone is already there and she won't move. Maybe his growls will convince her she needs to find her own mat.

Ants in a Can.  Short a practice; requires only consonants and glue words.

        Ann wants ants for her ant farm, but they're biting her!

Lad Is Sick.  Requires short a, short i, consonants, and glue words.  Written to introduce short i as a stronger contrast with short a than short e for students who have learned only two vowels.

       Poor Lad--he feels bad.  Is there medicine to cure a sick dog?

Elf in the Tent. Introduces short e; requires short a, consonants, and glue words.

        Jan gets a new tent, and she plans a campout with Dad.  But they don't count on a secret guest showing up.

Pig in a Bag. (html pages)  Introduces short i; requires short a and e, consonants, and glue words.

        Tim is finally having his tenth birthday.  Is he in for a surprise.  Wait until you see what Ben is giving him.

A Hot Spot. Introduces short o; requires short a, e, i, consonants and glue words.

        It sure is a hot day.  Tim has a hot job.  All he wants is a cool drink, but there's a pig in the way.

Scat Jumps. Introduces short u. Requires short a, e, i, and o, consonants, and glue words.

        Scat is taking a nice nap on the trampoline until Jess comes along. Maybe Jess plans to nap too. Or maybe not!

Kids and Pets at Camp.  Review of the short vowels a, e, i, and o; requires short vowels, consonants and glue words.

        What a fun place to go, a camp where you can bring your pet!  But will the pets get along?

Chips for the Chicks.   Introduces ch; requires all five short vowels.

        It is lunch time and Mom lets the kids eat outside.  Look out, Ben and Jess.  Lad wants some lunch, too.

The Crash in the Shed.  Introduces sh; requires all five short vowels and the digraph ch.

        Ben and Jess can't make up their minds whether to fish or collect shells.  Suddenly they hear a crash in the shed. Sounds like trouble!

The Thing on the Path.   Introduces th; requires all five short vowels and the digraphs ch and sh.

        Lad just can't get away from those chicks.  Now they think he is mother hen.  Will lad look after them?

The Race for Cake.  Introduces long A; requires short vowels, consonants, digraphs ch, sh, and th.

       The perfect snack after a tiring swim, cake.  Mmm . . . can you smell it?  Uh, oh.  Lad smells it, too.

The Train Trip.  Practice long A; requires short vowels, digraphs ch, sh, and th.

        Jan and Tim can't wait.  Nate is coming in on the train.  Nate can't wait, either.  He has a surprise for Jan!

The Mean Geese.  Introduces long E; requires short vowels, long A, digraphs ch, sh, and th.

        Those geese!  First they scare Scat's kittens, now they're after Lad.  Look out Ben.  I think they're after you, too!

The Green Feast. Reviews long E; requires short vowels, long A, digraphs ch, sh, and th.

        Nate is visiting his friends Tim and Jan. They love their mom's cooking but Nate doesn't agree when it comes to veggies.

The Bike Ride.  Introduces long I; requires short vowels, long A, long E, and digraphs ch, sh, and th.  

        Nate has been visiting Tim and Jan but lately, he is not much fun.  Can Tim and Jan come up with a plan to get their friend away from the television?

The Big Fright. Requires short vowels and long A, E, and I.

        Tim's dream is so bad it wakes him up. But it looks like his dream may be coming true. What does that stranger want with his pet, Slim?

Jake's Joke.   Introduces long O; requires short vowels, long A, long E, long I and digraphs ch, sh, and th.    

         Tim and Jan have to send their friend Nate home on an airplane.  But wait! Nate's pet snake is missing.

The Smoke Scare. Requires long O and previous vowels.

        Ben just doesn't feel well when he wakes up for school. When he goes to look for his coat down by the dock, he falls asleep in the boat. Can things get any worse?

Pig on the Loose.  Introduces long U; requires short vowels, long A, digraphs ch, sh, and th.

        Aunt Sue is coming.  The kids can't wait.  They think she's going to love Slim, but wait!  Where is he?

The Huge Tube. Requires long U and previous vowels.

        Nate is not a swimmer. No, he sure won't go into the water. But his friends Luke and Bruce have a plan.

Jess Gets Hurt.  Introduces er, ir, and ur.  Requires long and short vowels, and digraphs ch, sh, and th.

        Ben has a big ball game.  Jess wanted to shop with Mom while Ben played, but Scat has disappeared. Jess is not watching where she is going as she runs off to find her cat.  Jess . . . watch out!

The Barn Party.  Introduces ar and or; Requires long and short vowels, er, ir, ur and digraphs ch, sh, and th.

        A big storm is coming.  The chicks are on the loose, Bart won't get into the barn, and Scat has hidden her kittens.  Can Ben and Jess help Mom and Dad save the animals?    

Time to Be Born. Requires long and short vowels, ar, and or.

        Dad has a big job to do planting corn, but the kids won't help and a storm is on its way. What else can go wrong today?

Slim's Outing.  Introduces ou and ow.  Requires long and short vowels, and r-controlled vowels ar, or, er, ir, ur.

        Aunt Sue is in charge again.  How is it that Slim has gotten loose again?  Now things are really out of control. 

Jake Coils. Introduces oi and oy. Requires long and short vowels, r-controlled vowels, ou and ow.

        Nate is excited about joining the band but when he reaches for his flute, he finds something in his bag he wasn't expecting. All he can think is, "Am I in trouble now!"

Tim's Haul. Introduces au. Requies long vowels, short vowels, and r-controlled vowels.

        Slim is in trouble again. This time he is after the trash. What will Tim do to solve this problem?

The Claw at Dawn. Introduces aw. Requires long vowels, short vowels, and r-controlled vowels.

    Ben is awakened at dawn when Scat pounces on his back. Ouch! What a tough way to start the day. Now Dad is laughing at him. Could it get any worse?

Christmas special: The Story of How Jesus Was Born. A PowerPoint with animations at early 2nd-grade level.

        Mary is going to have a baby, but she and her husband Joseph have to take a long trip--on a donkey!