Loving Letter L

Emergent Literacy

By: Natalie Fidler



  To help children begin to read and spell they must be able to identify letters and the phonemes.  The letter l, in print, and the phoneme /l/ in spoken words will be taught during this lesson. 



  Primary paper and pencil for the students and large one for the teacher; chart with “Lisa loves to lick her lemon lollypop”; 6 cards with picture and words of “l” words.  6 cards with pictures and words like: flower, lady, lollypop, lick, lime and seal.  A sheet with pictures of “l” words and without.  The book “



1.)  We will review the letters that have already been taught.  Then ask the students to raise their hand and tell me a letter and its phoneme.

2.)  Write the letter “l” on the board asking if anyone knows the letter.  Does anyone know any words that start with this letter? (stretch out the sound /f/ and write the word on the board).

3.)   Does everyone hear the /l/ in lick? Ok good, now when you hear the /l/, make the licking motion with your hand.

4.)    Now lets try our tongue twister “Lisa loves to lick her lemon lollypop” everyone say it once. Next, say it but stretching out the /l/  “Llllisa lllloves to llllick her llllemon llllollypop.”  This time let’s break off the /l/: “/L/ isa  /l/ oves to /l/ ick her /l/ emon  /l/ ollypop.”

5.)    Give the children a piece of the primary paper and pencil. We can use the letter l to spell /l/.  Let’s do it together: Just a straight line down from the rooftop to the sidewalk.  After I give you a sticker I want you to make 6 more just like it.

6.)   Raise your hand when you know the answer to the following questions: Do you hear /l/ in lay or sit? Ocean or Lake? Apple or Lime?  Head or Lap?... Show the students the cards with the pictures. When you hear the /l/, make the licking motion with your hand.

7.)    Read the book “The Lady and the Spider” discussing the words with /l/ making a word wall.

8.)    For the assessment hand the students the worksheets with the pictures asking them to circle the ones that have the /l/ sound.


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   McNulty, Faith. The Lady and the Spider. New York: Harbor and Row. C 1986.

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