Lesson Designs from Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
Summer 2004
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I. Emergent Literacy
Lessons for teaching letter recognition
Adrienne Boggs, O, Do You Know?
Natalie Fidler, Loving Letter L
Cassie Keith, Hello H!
Jamie Ann Mathis, Buddy the Bee Bats Balls With the Letter B
Lindsay Rutland, The Letters Are Lost
Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness
Meg Miller, Buzzy B's
Anna Choron, Sssnake Talk
Traci Leech, Mmmm, Mmmm, Yummy Cake
Chandler Chauvin, Doc Says Open Up
Libba Brannon, A Punch in the Gut
Jamie Braswell, Say Ahh, Went the Doc
Amy Bright, The Iddy Biddy Igloo
Mallory Durham, Izzy the Insect
Jennifer Pegues, Slithering S
Dana Harbin, Brown Bear's Ball or Mouse's Money?
Laura Earl, Abby's Alligator
Brandi Gainor, Oh, Say, Can You DDDD!
Cendy Burbic, Cry Baby
Angela Pridmore, Peter's Pickled Peppers
Brittain Miller, AAAAAAAA! An Alligator!
Allison Miller, Hank the Hungry Hippo
Leah Steiner, A's Baseball
Lauren Harper, Simple Simon Saves the Day
Carrie Sluder, Ehhh? I Can't Hear You
Amy Locklier, Great Giggly Grins

Lessons for teaching print concepts

II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels
Adrienne Boggs, E's Are E-E-E-Excellent
Anna Choron, Siiiiiily Sid
Jamie Braswell, The Tug Says Uhh!
Amy Bright, Olly Says /o/ at the Doctor's
Natalie Fidler, Rub Those Eyes . . . aaa!
Jennifer Pegues, Picky Pig
Dana Harbin, Hot Rod
Laura Earl, Ashley's Apples
Angela Pridmore, Icky Fingers
Brittain Miller, Indiana Igloo
Allison Miller, Icky Sticky Insects
Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and vowel digraphs
Traci Leech, Oh, My!
Cassie Keith, The Ghost Says "Boo!"
Leah Steiner, Mr. Cloak Loads His Boat With Oats
Carrie Sluder, Do Sheep See Sheep When They Feel the Need to Sleep?
Amy Locklier, Mike Likes Kites
Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks

Meg Miller, Shhhhh!
Chandler Chauvin, Chuga Chuga Choo Choo
Libba Brannon, Chocolate Chip Cookies for Lunch!
Mallory Durham, Shiny Shoes
Brandi Gainor, Shhhhhhhh!  Don't Wake Mama
Cendy Burbic, The Fish Said "Shhh"
Jamie Ann Mathis, Chug-a-Chug-a-Chug Choo Choo With /ch/
Lindsay Rutland, Shirley's Sea Shells
Lauren Harper, The Little Engine That Chattered Choo Choo

Lessons for teaching blending

III. Growing Independence & Fluency

Lessons for teaching faster reading
Meg Miller, Speedy Readers
Amy Bright, Home Run Reader
Mallory Durham, 1, 2, 3, Read!
Natalie Fidler, It's All in the Fluency
Jennifer Pegues, Dive Into Reading
Anna Choron, Read Like the Wind!
Cassie Keith, Running the Bases for More Fluent Reading!
Laura Earl, Go Faster, Faster!
Brandi Gainor, Go, Speed Racer!
Brittain Miller, Speedy Reader Peter
Lindsay Rutland, Fun With Fluency!
Allison Miller, It's Outta Here:  Hit a Homerun With Fluency
Carrie Sluder, Reader Race
Leah Steiner, Ready, Set, Read!
Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading
Chandler Chauvin, Extra, Extra, Read All About It
Libba Brannon, Take One
Jamie Braswell, Reading With Oomph!
Adrienne Boggs, We Like to Read With Enthusiasm
Dana Harbin, Feelin' Froggy
Traci Leech, A Fine, Fine Reader
Cendy Burbic, It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want to . . .
Angela Pridmore, Expression, Expression, Expression!
Jamie Ann Mathis, Exciting Your Mind
Lauren Harper, Monkey Business
Amy Locklier, Expression Is the Key

Lessons for teaching silent reading
Lessons for teaching children to read voluntarily and avidly