Reading Like a Cheetah

Growing Independence and Fluency

Rebecca Weathers

Rationale: This lesson will help students become more fluent in reading. Fluent reading is important in becoming a successful reader. When you are a fluent reader you will better be able to comprehend what you are reading. This lesson will help studnets be more fluent reader because it will make the reading more familiar there for improving their speed, make their reading smoother, and read with more expression. Student will become fluent buy participating in repeated readings of decodable text.


White board/marker

Fun in the Hills- a copy for each student

Checklist for each student


Explain to students that fluent reading is reading recognizing words as soon as you see the words and you read smoothly and with expression. Fluency will help you read quickly and will help you understand the story better. To practice fluency we are going to do some repeated readings. As you read it the story will become more familiar and easier to understand.

Let's remind ourselves how we are going to figure out words that we do not know. Ask students if they know a way. One way we could figure out a word we do not know is by using our cover up critter. We could use our cover up critter to decode the word couch. We cover up everything but the c we now that says /c/ then we uncover the ou ccc ooo uu now uncover the ch say cccooouucchh c-ou-ch oh couch!

Now we are going to demonstrate being a fluent reader. I am going to read a sentence two ways to you and you tell me which way sounds better. I like to read books. IIIII lllliiiikkkeee toooooo rrreeeeaaaddd boookkkkss. That's right, the first way I read the sentence sounded better. The best way to become fluent is to practice. When you read something over and over it makes it easier for you to recognize the words and be able to understand what the story is saying.

I am now passing out Fun in the Hills. Ted and Sam are hiking to the top of the hill. They run into all kinds of things on the way up there. They finally make it up the hill. What do you think they are going to find when they get up there? You are going to have to read to find out. After the book talk explain to the student that they are going to be reading to a partner and they are going to be listening to how fluently you read after each time you read it using a checklist. Show students the checklist and explain that you will listen to your partner read the story three times. After the second time you check whether your partner read the story remembered more words, read faster, read smoother, and read with expression. Do the same thing for your partners third time and then switch partners and do the same thing.

Assessment: To see if students reading is improving, after students have finished their repeated reading I will call each student to the back table individually to read the book to me. I will time them reading the book then count the number of words are in the story. I will then calculate their fluency by using the fluency formula, total wordsx60/seconds it took to read the story.


Flying with Fluency by Lauren Thomas

Fluency Check list:

I notice that my partner…

After 2nd                  After 3rd          

_____                       _____                   Remembered more words

_____                        _____                  Read faster

_____                        _____                  Read smoother

_____                       ______                 Read with expression


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