Riding your motorcycle with V.

Emergent Literacy

Rebecca Weathers

Rationale: This lesson will help students identify /v/ and the phoneme represented.

Student will learn to recognize /v/ in spoken words by learning a meaningful representation (the vroom of riding a motorcycle) and the letter symbol V, practice hearing /v/ and seeing v recognizing v in words, and use what they have learned to recognize /v/ in words spoken to them and v in words in a list.



Individual pencils



PowerPoint with picture of motorcycle V, tongue tickler, lists of words for each demonstration (procedure # 6 and 8 ) I Love to Make the Letter V poem,

Lists of words for students to respond to (procedure # 6, 8, 9)

A piece of primary paper for each student.

A piece of paper for drawing words that start with V for each student

A worksheet for each student

List of words written down for individual assessment




Show picture of motorcycle V. (In PowerPoint). Say: are going to be working on spotting /v/ in words we hear and V in words we see. V looks like the handle bars of a motorcycle and /v/ sounds like the sounds a motorcycle makes. "Vvvvroom Vvvvroom" This is important to get the student seeing what symbol we are working with and hearing the sound we are going to make.

Let's practice saying "Vvvroom Vvvroom." While making the revving hand motion. As we practice, think about how your mouth moves when you make the /v/ sound. As we say /v/ our bottom lip touches our top teeth. We are blowing from the back of our throat.

Let me show you how to find the /v/ in love. I am going to stretch out the work and listen for the /v/ sound. Llll-oo-vvv. Then slower llll-ooooo-vvvv. Oh their it is I felt my bottom lip touch my top teeth as I blew from the back of my throat. I can ride my motorcycle in love.

Let's try a tongue tickler using the /v/ sound. (in PowerPoint). I will say it first and then you say it with me. "Virginia visited Vicky and brought her vegetables with vitamins." Ok let's say it together again but this time we are going to ride our motorcycles when we hear /v/. "vvvvvirginia vvvvvistited vvvvvicky and brought her vvvvvegetables with vvvvvitamins."

Now we are going to break /v/ from the rest of the word. v/irginia v/isited v/icky and bought her v/egetables with v/itamins.

Have students get out pencils as primary paper is being passed out. Now we are going to practice writing V. (demonstrating while talking) To make an uppercase V we make a  slant from the rooftop to the sidewalk then another slant back up to the rooftop. To make a lowercase v we make the same motion but we start on the fence make a slant down to the sidewalk then make another slant back up to the fence. Write on uppercase V and one lowercase v as I come around to look. Once I tell you that your V looks good write five more.

Now I am going to read some words I want you to ride your motorcycle if you hear /v/ in a word. For example I am going to say a word and ride my motorcycle when i hear /v/. Say Five ffffiiiiivvvee (ride motorcycle on vvvv) Stove. Vote. Table. Move. Sink. Vision. Ok now I am going to say two word and you tell me which word you hear /v/ in. (calling on individual students) Do you hear /v/ in live or left? Do you hear /v/ in vote or mote? Do you hear /v/ in dive or dime?

Have poem on PowerPoint to pull up in front of the class.

 I Love To Make The Letter V
(Tune: Pop! Goes The Weasel)
I love to make the letter V
For everyone to see.
(Form V with 2 fingers)
V is for vinegar, V is for van,
And V is for victory!


Read each line and have students repeat after each line. Then have students come up with a word that starts with V and have them draw a picture of it.

Ok let's review. Show the word violin. Say: vvvviolin. Ride motorcycle while sounding out word. Ok do I hear /v/ in vvvile or mmmmile. Vile. Ok now I want you to ride your motorcycle when you hear /v/. Vet. Vein. Float. Favor. Lost. Favor.

Pass out worksheet on V. Student will complete worksheet which has them circle the words that begin with V and color the picture. As students are working on this I will call back students see if students can recognize /v/ in words I say to them and recognize v in words I write down.

Assessment: To see if students can hear /v/ in a word I will observe as the students are responding to my questions in whole group. I will also look at the worksheet the students completely and listen to the students as they come to me individually.



 Poem found at http://www.childfun.com/index.php/activity-themes.html under the theme tab.

 Similar Lesson;Vroom Around With V By, Brannon Bynum http://www.auburn.edu/academic/education/reading_genie/caravans/bynumel.htm

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