Beginning Lesson Design: Uhhhh? I Don't Know

Beginning Reading

Rebecca Weathers


Rationale: This lesson will help students identify the correspondence u=/u/ in spoken and written words.

Student will learn to recognize /u/ in spoken words by learning a meaningful representation (scratching their heads saying uhhhh? I don't know) and the letter symbol u, practice hearing /u/ and recognizing u in words, and use what they have learned to recognize /u/ in words spoken to them and u in words they see.



Individual pencils



PowerPoint with picture man scratching head, tongue tickler, lists of words for each demonstration (procedure # 6 and 8 )

Lists of words for students to respond to (procedure # 6 and 8)

A worksheet for students

A piece of paper for drawing words that start with V for each student

A worksheet for each student

A book for each student

List of words written down for individual assessment


Show picture of a man scratching his head. (In PowerPoint). Say: we are going to be working on spotting /u/ in words we hear and u in words we see. You make /u/ when you say uhhh I don't know. This is important to get the student seeing what symbol we are working with and hearing the sound we are going to make.

Lets practice saying "uhhh" while scratching out head like we are thinking about something we don't know. As we practice, think about how your mouth moves when you make the /u/ sound. As we say /u/ our mouth is open, our tongues are down in a spoon shape, and we are making the uhh sound from the back of our throats.

Let me show you how to find the /u/ in lump. I am going to stretch out the word and listen for the /u/ sound. Llll-uuu-mm-pp. Then slower llll-uuuuu-mmm-pp. Oh there it is I felt my mouth open, my tongue made a spoon, and I make the sound from the back of my throat. I can scratch my head in lump.

Let's try a tongue tickler using the /u/ sound. (in PowerPoint). I will say it first and then you say it with me. "Uncle was upset because he was unable to open his umbrella." Ok let's say it together again but this time we are going to scratch out head when we hear /u/. "Uuuuuncle was uuuupset because he was uuuunable to open his uuuumbrealla."

Now we are going to practice listening for /u/ in some words. For example, luck, luuucckk I hear /u/ in luck so I scratched my head. Scratch your head if you hear /u/ in the following words…bug, run, mop, substitute, funny, mommy, tug

Now we are going to spell some words with the sound /u/ in them. These words have the letter u in them. For example, do you hear /u/ in mug? The first sound I hear is mmm so I need an m the second sound I hear is uuu like uhhh I don't know and the third sound I hear is ggg so I need a g. mug is spelled m-u-g. (write on board). How would you spell cut? Wait for students answer write what they spell. If they spell it wrong say what they spelled. Then if they don't correct it spell it for them. The next word we are going to spell is much…(same thing after spelling cut), luck, truck, gut, rub

Give book talk for the decodable book The Mutt and the Bug. The mutt and the bug are sitting in a hut. The bug wants to play with the mutt but when the bug jumps on the mutt he gets mad. Will they ever becomes friends? Have enough books for each student to have one. Assign each student a partner and have them read aloud to their partner. One partner reads one page and the next partner read the next page. Walk around and make sure students are reading and following along and that each partner is reading.

Ok lets review. Show the word bust. Say: buuuust. (scratch head while saying word). Ok do you hear /u/ in suuun or soooon. Sun. You scratch your head when you hear /u/ fun, such, boom, truth

Pass out worksheet on u. Student will complete worksheet which has them circle word that represents the picture that have /u/ in them. As students are working on this I will call back students see if students can recognize /u/ in words I say to them and recognize u in words I write down.

Assessment: To see if students can hear /u/ in a word I will observe as the students are responding to my questions in whole group. I will also look at the worksheet the students completely and listen to the students as they come to me individually.


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Description: sun clip-art                                   Is this picture sun or soon

Description:                                       Is this picture boot or bug

Description:                                       Is this picture cat or cut


Description:                                      Is this picture jump or jet



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