You Take the Cake!

 Beginner Reader

By: Lauren Ogle

Rationale: the student will learn about the long vowel a_e=/A/. The student will be able to identify, read, and spell words that include the long vowel /A/. The student will be able to pronounce words with the long vowel a_e=/A/. She will be able to remember the long vowel from a picture of cake. Also, the student will be able to identify the long vowel in the letterbox lesson, and she will read a decodable book based the long vowel a_e=/A/.



1.       Say: "In order to become a great reader we have to learn about the long vowel /A/. We learned short vowel words with a, like cap, and we will be learning about the long A and the silent e to make the long A sound, say A. When I think of A, I think of the word cake. "(Show image)

2.       Say: "I am going to say a few words and I want you to repeat them. I want you to say ccccaaakke and now I want you to say bbbbaaakke. Did you feel your mouth’s lips form a big A when you said the words cake and bake?" At this time I will see if the student is having trouble saying the words that include the long vowel A.

3.     Next, I will have my student identify pictures that of an apple, cake, bat, blaze, hat, and a lake. After she identifies them, I will ask her if she hears a long A sound or a short a sound for each picture. My goal is for her to be able to tell the difference between the long A vowel sound and the  short a vowel sound.

4.        Now we will start on the letterbox lesson.  Will give an example of a word for her to get a feel of what I want her to do when I call out a word. First, I will show her how to spell the word brace. I will have four letterboxes displaying, and I will show her where the long A and silent e goes, and we will discuss why I put them in the location. Then, I will finish spelling the word out.

5.        Next, I will have the student spell the words: apple, cake, bat, blaze, hat, and lake in the letterboxes, and I will tell her that sounding the words out will help her to find the correct letters that spell the words. After the she completes the letterbox lesson,  I will have the student read the words that she spelled.

6.        Say: "I am going to introduce the Long A Story. The story is about two friends Fay and Jane and they were playing well together. Jane was not being very nice to Fay. I wonder if Fay will go home or not?" Then, I will have the student read the story.

7.       For the assessment, I am going to have the student write a short story, by using invented spelling on primary paper, about her favorite birthday cake. My goal is to see if her short story is phonemically aware.


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These are the pictures for the words apple, cake, bat, blaze, hat, and lake.



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