Vance's Vacuums Vary Vastly

Emergent Literacy

Erin Frasier


Rationale.  This lesson teaches the phoneme sound and mouth placement of /v/. Students must learn the /v/ sound and correct mouth movements in order to read words containing the letter v. They will learn a meaningful representation to go with the letter v, such as v is for vvvvacuum. Vacuum also makes the vvvv sound when being used. They will spell and read words containing this letter in an lesson. They will also read a book that holds focus with teaching the letter v.


Primary Paper, Pencil, Picture of a vacuum, Paper with "Vance's vacuums vary vastly", Book Vera Vipers Valentine, assessment  Picture Worksheet, list of words to read from(vase, van, car, vest, coat, glass.)

Procedures for carrying out the lesson in detail, with numbered steps.


1. Say: Today were are going to be looking at the letter /V/. In order to become excellent readers, we must learn all of the letters and know how to pronounce them and read them in stories. When I think of /V/, I think of the sound my vacuum makes. Vvvv. Vacuum even starts with the letter /V/.[Show a picture of a vacuum] Let's take a look at what the letter /V/looks like [Model the correct writing of it on the primary paper]


2.Before we start spelling some words with the letter v, we need to listen for it in some words. When I hear V in a word I look for when my mouth moves to make the /V/ sound. You make the /V /sound by placing you teeth on your bottom lip and blowing out air and then lifting the top lip and teeth. [Make vocal gesture] I'll show you how. Above. I can hear myself make the vvv sound in above. Aa-b-o-vvv-e. See how my lips and top teeth come together on my bottom lip and then let go. Now I'll try below.  B-e-l-o-w. Nope, my top lip and teeth never came together over my bottom lip, so there was no v in below.


3.Lets practice by using our tongue tickler. Vance's Vacuums Vary Vastly. Say it with me. (Say it 3 times together) Then say it while stretching the consonant out. Vvvance's Vvvacuums Vvvary Vvvastly.

4.Now let's practice writing the letter /V/. (Have students take out primary paper and pencil.) Letter /V/ is made by making 2 slants, one down, and the other back up. Start at the rooftop and Slant down at an angle all the way to the ground, then draw a slant up from the point at the ground, back up to the rooftop again. (Model Writing)


5.I am going to say a few words now, and you tell me if you here v in them. Vet or job. Tux or veil. Now or never. Good. Now let's see if you can spot the mouth move in /v/ some words. Motion moving the vacuum if you here v: Vivian thinks big violet bugs are very nice.

Whole texts

6.Now let's take a look at a book that helps us to learn about the letter sound V. Booktalk: Vera Viper has a new friend and they are spending Valentine's day together. They watch videos and do other fun things. Do you think they'll end up being Valentines? You'll have to read to find out! It is Vera Viper's Valentine that will help us hear the sound /v/. Read the book and draw out the words with the letter v. Ask them to think of a word that might have the letter v, and have them write it down on their primary paper.

Simple Practice

7.Cover a few more words with the letter v. Show the word vase on an index card. Say: the v tells me to vacuum the floor. /v/ vvv so this word is vvvase. You try these: van or car, vest or coat, vase or glass.


8.Student will color the pictures on the worksheet that begin with the letter v or have the letter  v in the name and practice writing the objects name down on the space given.

Reference to a source that can tell us more. Provide all we need to track down the source.

Book:  Higgins, Maxwell.Vera Viper's Valentine, Scholastic Inc.2001.

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