EEEEE! That Scared Me!

A Beginning Reading Lesson

Mary Cam Carlson

Rationale: This is a beginning reading lesson intended to teach children about the   e_e =/E/ long vowel sound.  I will use a picture of a scared man to help children attach a visual representation to the sound.  I will also do a letterbox lesson with the children for more practice using this sound and then we will read a short book with this sound as the focus.  Hopefully by the end of this lesson children will know the sound, and be able to read and spell words containing this sound. 


Picture of a scared man

Letters and letter box

List of words

Assessment sheet


1.     Say:  Today we are going to learn a new sound, /E/.  Earlier we learned that /e/ makes a different sound.  Can anyone tell me that sound? Eeee, elephant.  This type of /E/ is called a long /E/ sound, and this means that the E says its name.  You will know when the E is supposed to say its name because there will be another e at he end of the sentence.  This e does not say anything, it is silent.  The /E/ sound makes me think of a someone who is scared saying EEEE!! Can you put your hands on your face and pretend you are scared and say EEEEEE!!  Next I will show them how to write letter E and how to use it.  You spell /E/ like this , ee. /E/ is spelled with two e's next to each other.  When there are two, it makes the /E/ sound. 

2.     Next I am going to tell you how to say /E/ and how to find it in certain words.  When you say the /E/ sound, your mouth goes up like a smile and teeth come close together, but they do not touch.  First I will show you how to find /E/ in a word: Even.  My mouth made a little smile and I felt my teeth come close together right when I sad that word.  Lets try another one: jump.  Did you hear it in jump? Watch my mouth.  Did my lips make a smile?  Jump does not have a /E/ sound.  Now you try.  If you hear the /E/ sound put your hands on your face like you are scared.  If you do not hear it give me a thumbs down.  [eat, saw, team, shout, cat, eagle]

3.     Lets try to spell some words with the /E/ sound.  Lets try, keep.  You must keep milk in the refrigerator or it will go bad.  Lets count the phonemes.  /k//E//p/.  I am going to need 3 boxes, but remember /E/ is spelled with two e's right next to each other..  What letter do I need first? K.  Next I hear it, EEEEE that scared me! Our double /E/ is next.  Next I hear a p.  k-e-e-p.  Excellent! Lets try a harder word.  Teeth.  What is the first letter? /t/.  Then what? Our double /E/ sound.  What does /th/ say when it is together? Right! Like thumb.  So what is this word? Teeth.  Brush you teeth so you do not get cavities!

4.     Now its your turn! First we will do an easy one,  see.  I will give you two boxes.  "Do you see the bird in the tree?"  What letter is first? What is next? (ask questions and help the child figure out the correct letters) after the children have gotten this word we will move to a few harder words.  Next we will need 3 letterboxes.  Listen carefully to all of the phonemes.  Remember /E/ says it name when it has two e's next to each other! [cheese, tree, green, beet, seen, tweet]

5.     Ok, now we are going to read the words we have spelled.  Let's read them all together.  Each child will also have a turn individually to read a word. 

6.     You have done an excellent job! Now we are going to read a book, its called Lee and the Team.  Lee is the captain of the baseball team.  His team has a big game and Lee is trying to get them together so they won't be late.  Will the team make it on time? Lets read and find out!  Pair up and read together to find out.  I will be walking around monitoring the progress.  Then we will read it together as a class. 

7.     We are now going to do a work sheet.  You are to color the objects that the mouse can hid under that have the /E/ sound.  Make sure you read all the words and choose the best answer carefully. 


Cushman and Kornblum (1990) Lee and the Team

Dr. Murray, Oh, I didn't know! lesson

Assessment Worksheet:

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