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Magen Campbell


Rationale: Letters and the sound each letter makes is crucial for students to learn to become successful readers. Students need to be aware of the sound a letter makes before they can successful identify words. In this lesson I will teach letter recognition and phoneme awareness of the letter M. As a class we will go over the sound and identity of the letter M. The ultimate goal of this lesson is for students to be able to identify when they hear the /m/ sound, as well as identifying the letter. The students should be able to pick out pictures and words that have the /m/ sound in them. In the lesson the activities will help the students reach the first goal of being able to recognize the letter M, because I will have students practice writing the letter M. I will start the lesson off with a tongue tickler that will allow students to hear the /m/ sound several times in several different words. After modeling the /m/ sound for students, I will work on having the class pick out which word of two examples has the m sound in it. Having the students pick out which words have the /m/ sound in it will allow the students to practice listening and picking out the /m/ sound in words.



1.     Chart paper with tongue twister:  Miss Mouse Makes a Yummy Milkshake

2.     Primary Paper (1 for each student)

3.     Marker (to write on teacher tablet with)

4.     Pencils (1 for each student)

5.     Blank Chart paper for letter writing model

6.     Mini Bags of M&M’s (about 20, one for each student)

7.     Copies of Assessment Worksheet (2 for each student)

8.     Book for each student: Monkey’s Miserable Monday by Valerie Garfield. Published by Scholastic Books (2001)



1.    Get the students attention: “Boys and Girls, I need all eyes on me!”. “Today we are going to learn about a new letter!”. We are going to start by standing up and singing our ABC’s! When we get to the letter we are going to learn about today I will stop you!”. Then we will sit down and learn about how to write this letter, how the letter sounds, and how to move our mouth’s the correct way to make the correct sound”.

a.     Explain why the new idea is valuable: “ Remember we need to learn about each letter to be able to read like big smart kids! Right?!. So today lets use our listening ears and our learning eyes to pay attention and learn a little about the letter M!

2.    Activate the student’s knowledge: Sing the ABC’s. Stop at letter M! Say something like: Today we are going to learn about the letter M!! Everyone do me a favor a say M. Good job! Now we are going to practice moving our mouth to make the sound of the letter M.

3.    Review: Introduce tongue twister: “ look up here at my tablet” (show the student the tongue twister). I will introduce the tongue twister: Miss Mouse Makes a Yummy Muffin. I will say the tongue twister first then have the student repeat after me slowly. I will have the students really slowly pronounce the /m/sound in each word. I will ask what sound do you hear in most of the words. /m/iss, /m/ouse, /m/makes, a , yu/m/m/y, /m/uffin. I will then have the students say the tongue tickler again.

4.   Model: Now that we know what sound it makes. I want to make sure you are moving your mouths the right way! You lips should come together like mine when I say mmmm! Practice by saying “mmmm”. It sounds like you are saying- wow that was mmmm, mmmm, good!

5.   We will practice making the correct sound again soon. Now I want to give everyone the chance to learn how to write the “ Magical Letter”!. I will then use the teachers tablet to model how to draw the letter M. I will draw the letter in upper case and then lowercase. I will say something like- When you start drawling the capital letter me you start at the rooftop, go all the way down to the fence, come back to the rooftop and draw a slanted like toward the sidewalk, then draw another slanted like back up to the rooftop, then finally draw a long line for the rooftop to the sidewalk to complete the letter me. For the lowercase m start at the sidewalk draw a straight line to the fence. Now you are going to draw to humps by going back up to the rooftop curving at the top, and going back down the fence, bring you pencil right back up to the rooftop and back down to the fence! You just wrote the letter M, I am so proud of you. I will walk around to make sure you are dong this correctly.            

a.     Give the student time to practice writing the letter M on their writing paper

6.    Simple Practice: “Okay boys and girls, now we are going to pick out words that have the /m/ sound we have been talking about” I will hold up a picture of food. If the picture has the /m/ sound in it I want you to say mmmm yummy!” “If the picture does not have the /m/ sound in it I want you to say ewww yuck!”

a. Use words like: Ham. Do you hear the /m/ sound in ham? If so then you should be saying mmmmm yummy!. We hear that /m/ sound at the end of ha/m/. Use a word that does not have the /m/ sound in it. Do you hear the /m/ sound in the word eggs? Right! You do not! You should be saying.. ewww yuck!!

7.    Whole Texts: Book Talk: The book we are going to read today is called Monkey’s Miserable Monday!” Monkey woke up and was having a bad morning. His misplaced his lunch money, found mistakes on his math homework, and missed the mat when he walked out the front door. Monkey was having a miserable Monday… Will his day get any better? We will have to read the book to find out!. I will introduce the book, give the book talk, and provide small copies of the text for the students to follow along with. Before and while reading I will make sure to have the students look for m sounds throughout the story. I will hold out the m sound in some of the words in the text to make sure student are listening while I am reading.

8.   Assessment: I will have each student come to the teacher’s table individually. The student will use their pack of M&Ms to cover up each picture that includes the /m/ sound in it. The teacher will have a blank copy for each to place a mark over the pictures that the children select. The teacher will be able to use this as a reference sheet on each student later. After the student is done they will be asked to write a lower case and upper case M on the writing line provided at the top of the assessment sheet.

a. Say something like: We are going to use M&M’s because they too make the /m/ sound we have been learning about. When you come to my back table I want you to place one M&M over each picture you see that makes the /m/ sound we practice today. When you are down with that I am going to have you write the letter M for me!


Extra Activity: The student can take the assessment sheet back to their desk and color each picture that has the /m/ sound in it.Student's could also be coloring while I am giving individual Assessments. 




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