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Research-Based Lessons Designed by Teacher Candidates

Auburn University
Spring 2012

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I. Emergent Literacy


Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness

Taylor Bullard, Roaring Lions Run Rabbits Off!
DeDe Carroll, DDing DDing DDing Your Bell With D
Ana Eagerton, Listen to Your Heartbeat With B
Amanda Etheridge, Bang the Drum
Jillian Induni, Hunting With H
Noelle Jones, The Ticking Clock Wit
h T
Kelly Meyer, Lick Your Lollipop With L
Caitlin Roebuck, Gulping Grape Soda With G
Niki Streeter, What's the Buzz With Z?
Lauren Walker, Growl With Gorillas
Erin Frasier, Vance's Vacuums Vary Vastly
Tori Hunsucker,  "Sh, shh, shh", I say with SH

Amber Allman, Hiss Like a Snake With S

Kasey Shepherd, Ss, Sss, Sneaky Snake

Hayes Adams, Slithering Snakes Say S

Lydia Hinshaw, S,s, s, Silly Snakes Say sssss

Kellie Lawrence, Popping Popcorn With P

Jennifer Ivey, T...Tick-Tock Goes the Clock

Caitlin Steeb, Sammy Slinks Down the Slide into Sand

Carley Leavitt, "S, s, sssssss," Says the Snake!
Elizabeth Sherman, Huh…Huh Catch the Letter H!

Rachel Smith, H, H, All Out of Breath
Magan Campbell, Mmmm, Yummy!
Marybeth Miller, "Uu, uu, u" Say my Muscles

Beth Kelley, Sneaky Snake

Grace Boutwell, Aaaa-Choo! Says the Short A

Adair Bowman, P Explodes With a Pop!

Natalie Brock, Gary the Gold Gorilla

Mary Cam Carlson, SSSSS, Says the Snake

Mary Claire Sikes, Pppancakes for Pppiggy
Meg Wilson, Z is for Zigby the Zebra

Morgan Grace Deason, Zipping Zippers With Z

Ashley Runyon, Blowin’ Bubbles With B

Catherine Bonner, Race the Car With V

Nicole Lawyer, Slithering Snakes Say Sssssss

Linzee Garrison, Ssssneaky Ssspies are Like Sssly Ssssnakes!
Sarah Leslie Smith,
R, R, RRRRR, Is What the Tigers Say!
Julia Waldrum, Clean Your Glasses With H
Holly Johnson, Sammy the Super Slow Snake

Anna Day, It’s So C-c-c-cold!

Jamie Storey, B-b-brrrr Says the Bear!

Courtney Macurdy, Bbbb-eautiful Butterfly

Trisha Daniel, Play the Drums With D
Haley Thomas, Gulp With G
Kelly Crumrine, Pop Your Popcorn With P
Maegan Dennis, Flying High With the Letter V
Rebecca Weathers, Riding Your Motorcycle With V
Madeline Manifould, Dribbling the Basketball With D
Lauren Ogle, Let's Gulp Our Milk With G
Emily Jackson, Mmm, Mmm, Good With M
Courtney Hillman, Water the Grass with T

Michel Fields, “Z, z, zip,” Says the Zipper!
Molly Montgomery, Pop Your Popcorn With P
Wendy Counts, Shaving Your Face With V
Anne Jones, Z for Dazzle!
Kelley Adams, “Aaaaa,” Says the Baby!

Lauren Odell, Icky Sticky

Marcy Price, B, b, Bouncing Balls and Baseball Bats

Emily Lusher, Drum Roll Please

Shawna Harris, Roaring Rs

Maci Miller, M is Marvelous!
Ashlyn Pouncey,
Worm in a Wagon



II. Beginning Reading


Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Taylor Bullard, Let's Get Icky, Sticky Yickey!
Amanda Etheridge, A-a-a-a, the Baby Lambs
Molly Montgomery, Iiiiicky Sticky Ice CreamU
Caitlin Roebuck, Crying Baby "Aaaaa!"
Hayes Adams, Eh?? What's That you say?

Kasey Shepherd, Icky Sticky!

Carley Leavitt, Ah! cries the baby!

Beth Kelley, Iiicky Stiiicky

Magan Campbell, Uhh, What Did You Say?
Maci Miller, Ehh, What Did You Say?

Morgan Grace Deason, Open up Wide, Ah!

Elizabeth Sherman, Uh, Uh! Now I Know the Answer

DeDe Carroll, Icky Sticky Pig
Nicole Lawyer, Aaaaa . . . There’s a Spider!

Holly Johnson, Open Wide and Say Ahhh!

Jamie Storey, Cry Baby /a/ “Aaaaa!”

Rachel Smith, Uh, Uh, I Know!
Kelly Crumrine, Uhhh, Do U Know?
Haley Thomas, Yawning Is Contagious!
Rebecca Weathers, Uhhhh? I Don't Know
Noelle Jones, Say: "Ahhh"
Anna Day, Ahhh!” Screams the Boy on the Rollercoaster

Tori Hunsucker, EEEEE! It’s a Rat!

Kellie Lawrence, Aaaaah! Rollercoasters are Fun!

Amber Allman,  Uhh. . . I Don’t Know!
Anne Jones, Reading Rocks!

Grace Boutwell, Ehhh? What Did You Say?

Adair Bowman, Babies Say Waaa!

Emily Lusher, Click, Click, Click, Click . . . Ahhhh!

Lauren Odell, Smush that Ugly U Bug

Marcy Price, The Old Man Says, "Eh"
Ashlyn Pouncey,
Icky, Sticky Fingers

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Wendy Counts, A is for Ape
Maegan Dennis, Pirate Pete Says "Aye, Aye!"
Jillian Induni, Eek!
Erin Frasier, Bob Ate the Grape in Space!
Lydia Hinshaw,  EEEEkkkk! I Saw a Snake!
Niki Streeter, O, I Get It Now

Marybeth Miller, Aargh Says the Pirate!

Mary Claire Sikes, I, I, I Have an Idea

Mary Cam Carlson, EEEEE, That Scared Me!
Caitlin Steeb, Aw, A Puppy!

Meg Wilson, EEEEE, a Mouse!

Jennifer Ivey, Boom, Chicka, Boom!

Ashley Runyon, Aye, Aye Captain!  

Sarah Leslie Smith, EE! It’s a Mouse!

Linzee Garrison, Eeeee! Those are Mean Geese!

Catherine Bonner, Ew, That’s Gross!
Julia Waldrum,
Ana Eagerton, Aye, Aye, Captain!
Courtney Macurdy, Paddy’s Playful Pay Day

Trisha Daniel, Eee, There’s a Spider!
Lauren Walker,
Eeeek, You Scared Me!
Madeline Manifould, Say "Cheese" for the Camera!
Lauren Ogle, You Take the Cake!
Kelly Meyer, /A/ There Fonzie
Emily Jackson, Ay?
Courtney Hillman, Eee, I’m so Excited!

Michel Fields, Yay! Today is the Day We Play

Kelley Adams, Race for Cake

Shawna Harris, Aye, Aye, Aye, Look at the Time!

Natalie Brock, I Scream for Ice Cream



III. Growing Independence and Fluency


Lessons for teaching faster reading
Kelly Crumrine, Fluency Flattening
Jillian Induni, The Mysterious Case of Fluency
Haley Thomas, Keep on Rollin' . . .
Julia Waldrum, Give Thanks for Fluency!
Caitlin Roebuck, Becoming Faster With Fluency
Erin Frasier, Speedy Reading
Trisha Daniel, Junie B. Jones and Some Fabulous Fluency

Nicole Lawyer, READY, SET, READ!!

Catherine Bonner, Ready, Set, Read!

Ashley Runyon, Flying For Fluency

Linzee Garrison, Flap Your Wings and Fly Into Fluency

Sarah Leslie Smith, Go for the Goal!

Niki Streeter, Go Speed Reader!
Maci Miller, Flying Into Fluency

Lauren Odell, Quiet Please! I'm Reading With my Brain!

Mary Claire Sikes, On Your Mark, Get Set, READ!
Amber Allman, No More Robot Reading  

Meg Wilson, Squeal Into Fluent Reading!

Jennifer Ivey, Express Yourself!

Kasey Shepherd, Read, Read, Repeat

Hayes Adams, Amelia Bedelia Wants you to Read More Fluently

Morgan Grace Deason, Hopping Into Fluency
Ana Eagerton,
Cloudy With a Chance of Fluency!
DeDe Carroll, All We Do Is Read, Read, Read No Matter What!

Courtney Macurdy, Sneeking and Peeky: Reading Fluently

Rachel Smith, The Race for Home
Magan Campbell, Fluent Readers Are Fabulous!

Lauren Walker, 1, 2, 3 Read Fluently With Me!
Amanda Etheridge, Reading Makes Me Bananas
Rebecca Weathers, Reading Like a Cheetah
Madeline Manifould, Racing Into Fluent Reading
Lauren Ogle, Speed Up Fluency
Kelly Meyer, Hopping the Fluency Lily Pads!
Emily Jackson, Racing Readers!
Tori Hunsucker, The Speediest Racer of All

Michel Fields, Can You be a Speedy Reader?
Molly Montgomery,
Zoom Into Fluent Reading
Wendy Counts, Racing Into Fluency
Anne Jones,
Race to Fluency!

Kelley Adams, Floating into Fluency

Adair Bowman, Race to the Top With Reading

Grace Boutwell, Fun Fluency!

Natalie Brock, Speeding Into Fluent Reading

Mary Cam Carlson, Leap Into Reading

Ashlyn Pouncey, Hats Off to Good Reading

Beth Kelley, Ready, Set, Read!


Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading
Taylor Bullard, Let's Get Expressive!
Kellie Lawrence, Expression? Expression!

Elizabeth Sherman, Express Yourself!

Marybeth Miller, Let’s Go Fishing for Fluency

Jamie Storey, Smooth Sailing Into Fluent Reading

Courtney Hillman, Roaring and Ready to Read
Maegan Dennis, Rocket Into Fluent Reading
Noelle Jones, Yay! It's My Birthday!

Lydia Hinshaw, Smoothing Out the Bumps

Anna Day, It’s Fun Reading Fluently

Marcy Price, Fluency is Fun!

Shawna Harris, Don’t Read Like a Robot

Emily Lusher, Fluency Mystery!


Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly

Carley Leavitt, Shhh! I’m Reading!!

Caitlin Steeb, Satisfying Silent Reading

Holly Johnson, Shh! My Lips Are Sealed

IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

Taylor Bullard, Let's Be Sensational Summarizers!
Lauren Walker, Successfully Summarizing

Haley Thomas, You're a Bear-y Good Reader!
Amanda Etheridge, Summing It Up
Kelly Crumrine, Summing Up!
Niki Streeter, Let's Sum It All Up!
Julia Waldrum, Sweet Summarizers!
Ana Eagerton, Super Summarizers!
Erin Frasier, Get Excited About Summarization!
DeDe Carroll, To Make a LONG Story SHORT
Madeline Manifould, Summarization Attack!
Magen Campbell, SUMthing Super
Lauren Ogle, Let's Sum It Up!
Kelly Meyer, Soaring With Summarization
Noelle Jones, Summarizing Is Easy as Pie!
Jillian Induni, Sinking Into Summarization
Molly Montgomery, Swimming Through Summarization
Caitlin Roebuck, Summing Up With Seals!
Courtney Macurdy, Summarization Nation

Jennifer Ivey, Summing it Up!

Kasey Shepherd, Sum it Up

Kellie Lawrence, Summarizing Tsunami!

Hayes Adams, Sum it Up!

Courtney Hillman, Planting Seeds for Summarizing

Catherine Bonner, Shoot for the Sky, Summarize

Ashley Runyon, Become a Super Summarizer

Trisha Daniel, Summarizing Spies

Carley Leavitt, Super Summaries

Meg Wilson, Cracking the Code to Summarization

Lydia Hinshaw, Zip it up by Summarizing

Elizabeth Sherman, Summarizing a Meal

Caitlin Steeb, Short and Sweet Summarization

Linzee Garrison, Reading is a Flower Bed . . . Dig for the Main Idea
Wendy Counts,
Super Summarizer!
Anne Jones,
Super Summarizers!

Grace Boutwell, Successful Summarizer

Rachel Smith, Words Paint Pictures

Marybeth Miller, Let’s not Make a Stink About Summarizing!

Natalie Brock, What I See to Read Fluently

Mary Cam Carlson, Prehistoric Summarizing

Anna Day, Stupendous Summarizing

Marcy Price, Summing it Up the Cool Way

Morgan Deason, Soaring Into Summarizing

Ashlyn Pouncey, Reading Fun Facts!

Beth Kelley, Sum it Up

Jamie Storey, Sinking Into Summarization

Emily Jackson, Hopping Into Summarization

Lessons for teaching visualization

Maegan Dennis, Visualization Movie Magic!

Rebecca Weathers, Seeing the Story Crystal Clear

Sarah Leslie Smith, Picture Perfect!

Amber Allman, Visualizing: Like a TV Set in Your Head!

Tori Hunsucker, A Sunny Day to Visualize

Michel Fields, Do You See What I See?

Kelley Adams, Creative Minds

Adair Bowman, Make a Movie in Your Head

Emily Lusher, This I Gotta See

Holly Johnson, Finally, I See It!

Nicole Lawyer, Snap a Picture!

Shawna Harris, Picture That Poem Perfectly

Lauren Odell, The Way I See It

Maci Miller, Pizza Perfect!

Mary Claire Sikes, Seeing is Believing!

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