Research-Based Lessons From Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
Fall 2010

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I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness
Pearson Mathews, Popping Popcorn
Teri Crum, Washing Machine Worries
Stephanie Pollak, Sizzling Steak
Jessica Strickland, Chug-a Chug-a Choo Choo With /ch/
Anne Larkin Oaks, Icky, Icky, Ick
Lauren Vacca, Buzz the Bee
Maggie McKinney, Slithering Snake Says "SSSsssss"
Casey Walker, Buzzing Bumble Bees
Samantha Dobbin. Slithering Snakes
Alli Smalley, Moving Mountains
Krista Doyle, Warm Your Hands With H
Lauren Emily Shipman, The Little Lizard

Lessons for teaching letter recognition
Kimberly Craig, Bouncing B's
Jenilee Foukal, Duke is Bad to the Bone
Heather Tingas, Beat the B
Jean Hawkins, Look! L Is a Hook!
Kathleen Boehme, Babble and Dabble With B's and D's

II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels
Lauren Emily Shipman, Abby's Apples
Alli Smalley, The Creaky Door Says Ehhh
Kimberly Craig, Ellie the Elephant
Jenilee Foukal, Itsy Bitsy Indian
Pearson Mathews, AAAAA! I'm Scared!
Anne Larkin Oaks, The Lost Doc
Heather Tingas, Uhh, I Don't Know!
Lauren Vacca, Icky Sticky Hands!
Jean Hawkins, Figgie the Itty Bitty Kitty
Maggie McKinney, Oscar the Ostrich and Ollie the Octopus
Kathleen Boehme, Itchy the Inchworm!
Casey Walker, Oscar the Ostrich and Octavius the Octopus
Samantha Dobbin, Uhhh, Umbrella?

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels
Teri Crum, Smile, It's Time to Sleep!
Stephanie Pollak, Say Cheese With /E/
Jessica Strickland, "Boo!" Says the Ghost
Krista Doyle, "/A/!" Hit by Hail

III. Growing Independence and Fluency

Lessons for teaching faster reading
Maggie McKinney, Zoom, Zoom, Zooming Into Fluency
Lauren Emily Shipman, Fishing for Fluency
Stephanie Pollak, On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!
Kimberly Craig, Blast Off to Reading Fluently!
Jessica Strickland, Hungry for Reading!
Jenilee Foukal, Faster, Faster, Reading Masters!
Pearson Mathews, Ready, Set, Read!
Heather Tingas, "Itching" to Read More Fluently!
Lauren Vacca, Zoom Through Reading!
Kathleen Boehme, Shooting for the Stars With Reading
Casey Walker, Fly Into Reading
Alli Smalley, Smooth Sailing
Anne Larkin Oaks, Read, Read, Read, Read . . . Faster, Faster, Faster!

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading
Teri Crum, Little Bear, Big Expression!
Samantha Dobbin, Grab a Partner and Read, Read, Read!
Krista Doyle, Express to Connect

Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly
Jean Hawkins, Thinking Caps for Comprehension

IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization
Jessica Strickland, Summarizing Monkey Business
Jenilee Foukal, Let's Summarize to Comprehend
Pearson Mathews, Hurry! Let's Summarize!
Teri Crum, "Otter" Sum It Up!
Heather Tingas, Short and Sweet
Stephanie Pollak, Swimming Through Summarization
Kimberly Craig, Summarizing Like Stars
Jean Hawkins, Storm Into Summarization
Maggie McKinney, Wild Animal Safari Summaries!
Kathleen Boehme, Short and Sweet
Casey Walker, Summing It Up
Samantha Dobbin, Shrink That Thought!
Alli Smalley, Summarizing Summary!
Krista Doyle, What's the Big Idea?
Lauren Vacca, Let's Summarize!
Lauren Emily Shipman, Reading for the Fun Facts!

Lessons for teaching visualization
Anne Larkin Oaks, Think It, Read It, Picture It

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