Sound Analogy Cards

Sound analogies help children remember phonemes by illustrating them with a similar sound in the real world. Most of the pictures in this set are also alphabet example words. To understand an ordinary alphabet example word, however, you have to have phoneme awareness; that is, you have to detect the phoneme at the beginning of the spoken word to pair it with the letter. However, children who already have phoneme awareness don't need alphabet example words! These sound-analogy cards suggest familiar, real-world sounds that will help children learn to detect phonemes and symbolize them with letters. Many of the ideas for these cards came from Open Court series, which originated the idea of sound analogies. Teachers who print these images on 8.5 X 11 cardstock will have an excellent alphabet frieze for their classrooms. Below each picture is one or more common spellings for that phoneme.

Click here for the complete set of sound analogy cards as a 26-page pdf.

Individual cards as jpg files:
A lamb says /a/
Ball says /b/
Camera c goes /k/
Dinosaur steps go /d/
Egg? /e/ says the chicken
Fan goes /f/
Gopher gulps /g/
Hound pants /h/
I piglet squeals /i/
Jumprope goes /j/
K camera goes /k/
Lion laps /l/
Monkey says /m/
Nasty gnat goes /n/
O fox yawns /o/
Popcorn pops /p/
Quacking duck says /kw/
Robot goes /r/
Sausages sizzle /s/
Timer ticks /t/
U tugboat goes /u/
Vacuum goes /v/
Washer goes /w/
X exiting fizz goes /ks/
Yak yuks /y/
Zipper goes /z/