Dear PFG colleagues,

I hope your Fall semester is going well. As you all know, the funding for our PFG project ends on December 31, 2012. We have several things left to accomplish this term before filing our final report to Washington.

  • Classroom visits and collection of student work.

We have made a number of classroom visits already, but still have quite a few to schedule. If you haven’t scheduled your visits yet, please do so now. We know how quickly time will fly once we get to the holiday season, and we have to be sure we get all visits in before winter holidays. Washington has given us a great deal of money, and they require this evidence from us that their investment makes a difference in the experiences of your students. Please save my nerves, and help us get this done well before deadline.

Prior to our visits please remember to collect the student work on the comparison assignment that your group designed this summer along with your Lesson Study lesson.

The last thing we ask of each of you is to share your thoughts on the value of the project for you and your students in an exit interview.

  • Expansion of the new PIHNet website
    • Lesson Study videocases from the 2011-12 school year will all be posted on our new site by November 1. Please visit the site and see yourself and your colleagues at work with students!
    • We would like to post more photographs of our Washington summer field trip. If you have good photos, please share them with us.
  • Staying connected after December

We want to keep our partnership going beyond the end of grant funding. Our PIHNet website is designed to facilitate that.

    • We are continuing to add classroom-ready activities to the Wise Practice database. Please visit often to see what’s new.
    • The authoring and collaboration tools that we used this summer make it easy to stay in touch and to collaborate at distance. Please use those to continue our partnership and particularly to share with the PFG community things you have done that work well. If you need any help with using the site, just let us know.

We look forward to seeing each of you very soon as we see your students work with the materials that we have all worked so hard to develop.