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Information about Auburn's PCTL Project

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What is Problem-Centered Teaching and Learning?

blu.gif (868 bytes) This is the Illinois Math and Science Academy Center for Problem-based Learning site:

http://www.imsa.edu/team/cpbl/cpbl.html    See particularly the tutorial under "what is problem-based learning?" 

blu.gif (868 bytes)  A shorter overview of PBL: http://score.rims.k12.ca.us/problearn.html


blu.gif (868 bytes)  Samford's PBL Initiative http://www.samford.edu/pbl/how3c.html

blu.gif (868 bytes)Tutorial on the basics

blu.gif (868 bytes)Features of Problem-Based Learning   http://www.csd.uwa.edu.au/newsletter/issue0496/pbl.html

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blu.gif (868 bytes)   A number of good on-line articles from Samford's page http://www.samford.edu/pbl/how2.html#On-Line Articles

blu.gif (868 bytes)   Problems: A Key Factor in PBL, by Barbara Duch, from the Center for Teaching Effectiveness  http://www.udel.edu/pbl/cte/spr96-phys.html

blu.gif (868 bytes)   Scaffolding for Success in Problem-Based Learning   by Tony Greening, School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences,   The University of Ballarat, Australia   http://www.utmb.edu/meo/f0000012.htm

blu.gif (868 bytes)  Collaborative learning models: Action Research http://www-personal.ksu.edu/~slg2537/websitepages/Research.html

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blu.gif (868 bytes)   Research article "Balancing Real-World Problems with Real-World Results" from Phi Delta Kappan, January, 1998 by Rick Gordon. http://www.imsa.edu/team/cpbl/learning/balance.pdf    Must have Adobe Acrobat Reader - a free download

blu.gif (868 bytes)  Examples of Problem-Centered Learning presented as WebQuests and organized for grades K-3, 4-5, middle school, and high school:    http://edweb.sdsu.edu/webquest/webquest.html

blu.gif (868 bytes)  An article on history, development of student WebQuests and tips on how to make the best use of them is at: http://www.iste.org/L&L/archive/vol26/no7/index.html

blu.gif (868 bytes)  Searching for China: This WebQuest site is a great example of a problem-centered learning unit. http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/China/ChinaQuest.html

blu.gif (868 bytes)Teaching Computation as Problem Solving: An Exxon Project http://www.math.uni.edu/mathed/Exxon.html

blu.gif (868 bytes)  Mars Millenium Project

blu.gif (868 bytes)http://www.math.msu.edu/cmp/ProbTch.html Problem-Centered Teaching: The Focus of Connected Mathematics Project Teaching and Learning

blu.gif (868 bytes)http://cee.indiana.edu/turner/ProblemCentered.html A series of commerical electronic field trips with teacher materials.

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blu.gif (868 bytes)  Artful Minds  provides educators with research, tips, resources, and web tours that focus on the effects of electronic media on brain development, educating the Net generation, educational reform and technology, digital learning, technologically linking education and the arts, wired classrooms as student-centered learning environments, web site evaluation tools, etc.   It's at:  http://library.advanced.org/50072/

blu.gif (868 bytes)  For Artful Minds links to eight web site evaluation instruments developed by various professional organizations and educational institutions, go to:  http://library.advanced.org/50072/siteevaluation.htm

blu.gif (868 bytes)   One of the best web resources evaluation instruments was developed at the University of Georgia and can be found at:  http://itech1.coe.uga.edu/faculty/gwilkinson/webeval.html

blu.gif (868 bytes) National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education  Technology and the New Professional Teacher:
Preparing for the 21st Century Classroom (1997)


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Problem-Centered Teaching and Learning Team

Andrew M. Weaver, Ed.D, Professor and Head Department of Curriculum and Teaching

Deborah Lindsey,  lead teacher for Lee County Schools

Deborah Barber,  lead teacher for Auburn City Schools 

John W. Saye, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Social Science Education  

Kimberly C. Walls, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Music Education 

Edna Brabham, Ph.D., Assistant Professor,  Reading 

Susan Bannon, Ed.D., Director, Learning Resources Center

Owen Barnes, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Communication 

Additions or corrections - email Deborah Barber, M.Ed., Graduate Assistant, Music Education


page created September 30, 1999

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