Mary T. Mendonca
Alumni Professor & DBS Graduate Program Officer (GPO)

Office: 319 Funchess Hall

331 Funchess Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849

Office Phone: (334) 844-9246 [GPO Phone: (334) 844-4856]
Lab Phone: (334) 844-9338
Fax: (334) 844-9234
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N.R.S.A. - Individual Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Texas at Austin
A.R.G.S - Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Western Australia
Ph.D. - University of California, Berkeley
M.S. - University of Central Florida
B.A. - Rutgers University

Research and Teaching Interests

My research centers on how proximate environmental factors and physiological mechanisms are integrated at the neural level to control reproduction in a variety of vertebrates. I think of my research as being interdisciplinary and multi-level, combining both field and laboratory components.

Selected Publications

  1. Gam, A., M.T. Mendonça, and K.J. Navara. 2010. Acute corticosterone treatment prior to ovulation biases offspring sex ratios towards males in zebra finches. J. Avian Biologyin press.
  2. Turmelle, A., J. Ellison, M.T. Mendonça, G. McCracken. 2010. Histological assessment of cellular immune response to the phytohemagglutinin (PHA) skin test in Brazilian free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensisJ. Comparative Physiol. B180:1155-1164.
  3. Huggins, K.A., K.J. Navara, G. Hill, and M.T. Mendonça. 2010. Detrimental effects of carotenoid pigments: the dark side of bright coloration. Naturwissenschaften97:637-44
  4. Shelby-Walker, C., K. Ward, and M.T. Mendonça. 2009. Reproductive parameters in female yellow-blotched map turtles (Graptemys flavimaculata) from a historically contaminated  site vs. a reference site. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. A. 154:401-408.
  5. Grilliot, M., S. Burnett, M.T. Mendonça. 2009. Sexual dimorphism in bat ultrasonic vocalizations is context dependent. J. Mammalogy90:203-209
  6. Allen, L., A. Turmelle, K.J. Navara, M.T. Mendonça, T. Kunz, G. McCracken. 2009. Roosting ecology and variation in adaptive and innate immune system function in the Brazilian free-tailed bat (Tadarida brasiliensis). J. Comparative Physiol. B179:315-323.
  7. Peterson, J.D., V.A. Peterson, M.T. Mendonça. 2009. Exposure to coal combustion residues during metamorphosis elevates corticosterone content and adversely affects oral morphology, growth, and development in Rana sphenocephalaComp. Biochem. Physiol. 149:36-40.
  8. Ward, C.K., S. Hassan, M.T. Mendonça. 2009. Accumulation and depuration of trace metals in southern toads,Bufo terrestris, exposed to coal combustion waste. Archives Toxicol. Contam. 56:268-275.
  9. Navara, K.J., M.T. Mendonça. 2008. Yolk androgens as pleiotropic mediators of physiological processes: a mechanistic review. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. 150:378-86.
  10. Peterson, J. V.A. Peterson, M.T. Mendonça. 2008. Growth and developmental effects of coal combustion residues on Southern Leopard Frog (Rana sphenocephala) tadpoles exposed throughout metamorphosis. Copeia 2008:499-503.


Undergraduate Graduate
Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II
Human Odyssey I and II
Physiological Ecology
Vertebrate Reproductive Biology
Hormones and Behavior
Professional Aspects of Biology

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