Robert S. Lishak
Associate Professor

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351 Funchess Hall

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331 Funchess Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849
Tel: (334) 844-3928
Fax: (334) 844-9234
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Ph.D. - The Ohio State University

Acoustic communication of animals.

McCall C.A., M.A. Salters, K.B. Johnson, S.J. Silverman, W.H. McElhenney and R.S. Lishak. 2003. Equine utilization of a previously learned visual stimulus to solve a novel task. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 82:163-172.

Sappington B.K.F., McCall C.A., Coleman D.A., Kuhlers D.L., Lishak R.S. 1997. A preliminary study of the relationship between discrimination reversal learning and performance tasks in yearling and 2-year-old horses. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 53:157-166.

Blackmore, M.S., and R.S. Lishak. 1985. Food availability and spatial-use patterns of Eastern chipmunks. Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science 56(2):48-56. 

Hitchcock, R.R., R.E. Mirarchi, and R.S. Lishak. 1989. Recognition of individual male parent vocalizations by nestling mourning doves. Animal Behavior 37(3):517-520. 

Lishak, R.S. 1984. Alarm vocalizations of adult gray squirrels. J. Mammology 65(4):681-684. 



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