Stephen C. Kempf
Associate Professor

Office Location:  
130E Funchess Hall

Mailing Address:
331 Funchess Hall 
Auburn University, AL 36849
Tel: (334) 844-3924
Fax: (334) 844-9234
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Leverhulme Post Doctoral Fellow - Univ. of St. Andrews, Gatty Marine Lab
Post Doctoral Fellow - University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories
Ph.D. - University of Hawaii
B.S. - Case Institute of Technology 

• A morphological and functional analysis of neurodevelopment in molluscan larvae.
• The energetics and morphology of zooxanthella - cnidarian symbioses using the anemone, Aiptasia pallida, as a model organism.

Kempf, S.C. and L.R. Page. (2005). Anti-tubulin labeling reveals ampullary neuron ciliary bundles in opisthobranch larvae and a new putative neural structure associated with the apical ganglion. Biol. Bull. 208:169-182.

Estes, A.M., S.C. Kempf, and R.P. Henry. 2003. Localization and quantification of carbonic anhydrase in the symbiotic Scyphozoan Cassiopea xamachana. Biol. Bull. 204:278-289.

Wakefield, T.S. and S.C. Kempf. 2001. Development of host- and symbiont-specific monoclonal antibodies and confirmation of the origin of the symbiosome membrane in a cnidarian-dinoflagellate symbiosis. Biol. Bull. 200:127-143.

Wakefield, T.S., M.A. Farmer, S.C. Kempf. 2000. Revised description of the fine structure of in situ “zooxanthellae” genus Symbiodinium. Biol. Bull. 199:76-84.

Kempf, S.C., L.R. Page, A. Pires. 1997. Development of serotonin-like immunoreactivity in the embryos and larvae of nudibranch mollusks with emphasis on the structure and possible function of the apical sensory organ. J. Comp. Neurology 386:507-528.

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