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Leslie R. Goertzen
Biological Sciences
Associate Professor and Director of the John D. Freeman Herbarium in the Auburn University Museum of Natural History

Office: 313 Rouse Life Sciences Bldg.

101 Rouse Life Sciences Bldg.
Auburn University, AL 36849

Phone: (334) 844-1637
Fax: (334) 844-1645


PhD — Texas
BSc — Université d'Ottawa

Research and Teaching Interests

Plant evolutionary biology including systematics, phylogeny, molecular evolution and genomics.

Selected Publications

  1. Chen S, McElroy JS, Dane F and Goertzen LR (2016) Transcriptome assembly and comparison of an allotetraploid weed species, Annual Bluegrass, with its two diploid progenitor species, Poa supina Schrad and Poa infirma Kunth. The Plant Genome 9:1–11.

  2. Nelson G, Sweeney P, Wallace LE, et al (2015) Digitization workflows for flat sheets and packets of plants, algae, and fungi. Applications in Plant Sciences 3:1500065. 

  3. Hu H, Rashotte AM, Singh NK, Goertzen LR, Weaver DB, Locy RD (2015) The complexity of posttranscriptional small RNA regulatory networks revealed by in silico analysis of Gossypium arboreum L. leaf, flower and boll small regulatory RNAs. PLoS ONE 10:e0127468.

  4. Dane F, Wang Z and Goertzen LR (2015) Analysis of the complete chloroplast genome of Castanea pumila var. pumila, the Allegheny chinkapin. Tree Genetics and Genomes 11:14. 

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Undergraduate Graduate
Evolution and Systematics - BIOL3030
Plant Systematics – BIOL5120
Phylogenetics – BIOL7970
Plant Systematics - BIOL6120
Genome Evolution – BIOL7970

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