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Jack W. Feminella
Biological Sciences
Professor & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Sciences and Mathematics

Office: 249 Science Center Classrooms Bldg.

249 Science Center Classrooms Bldg.
Auburn University, AL 36849

Fax: (334) 844-5824

Research Page


Ph.D. - University of California, Berkeley
M.Sc. - University of North Texas
B.Sc. - SUNY, College at Oneonta

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Effects of watershed disturbance and restoration on stream communities.
  • Ecology of benthic invertebrates in temporary habitats.
  • Biological interactions and life history patterns of aquatic invertebrates.
  • Influence of aquatic invertebrate grazers on stream ecosystems.
  • Experimental design and analysis of aquatic ecological studies.

Selected Publications

Kosnicki, E., S. A. Sefick, M. H. Paller, M. S. Jarrell, B. A. Prusha, S. C. Sterrett, T. D. Tuberville, and J. W. Feminella. 2014. Defining the reference condition for wadeable streams in the Sand Hills subdivision of the Southeastern Plains Ecoregion. Environmental Management doi:10.1007/s00267-014-0320-0

Helms, B., W. Budnick, P. Pecora, J. Skipper, E. Kosnicki, J.W. Feminella, and J. Stoeckel. 2013. The influence of soil type, congeneric cues, and floddplain connectivity on the local distribution of the devil crayfish (Cambarus diogenes Girard). Freshwater Science 32:1333-1344.

Helms, B.S, D. C. Werneke, M. M. Gangloff, E. E. Hartfield, and J. W. Feminella. 2011. The influence of low-head dams on fish assemblages in streams across Alabama. Journal of the North American Benthological Society30:1095-1106.

Gangloff, M. M., E. E. Hartfield, D. C. Werneke, and J. W. Feminella. 2011. Associations between small dams and mollusk assemblages in Alabama streams. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 30:1107-1116.

Holomuzki, J. M., J. W. Feminella, and M. E. Power. 2010. Biotic interactions in freshwater benthic habitats.Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29:220-244.

Ewald, M., J. W. Feminella , K. K. Lenertz, and R. P. Henry. 2009. Acute physiological responses of the freshwater snail Elimia flava (Mollusca: Pleuroceridae) to environmental calcium and pH. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part C 150:231-236. 

Helms, B. S., J. E. Schoonover, and J. W. Feminella. 2009. Seasonal variability of landuse impacts on stream macroinvertebrate assemblages in streams of western Georgia, USA. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28:991-1006. 

Helms, B. S., J. E. Schoonover, and J. W. Feminella. 2009. Assessing influences of hydrology, physiocochemistry, and habitat on stream fish assemblages across a changing landscape. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 45:157-169.


Undergraduate Graduate
Organismal Biology - BIOL1040
Principles of Ecology - BIOL3060
Invertebrate Biodiversity - BIOL4010
Undergraduate Seminar - BIOL4950
Stream Ecology - BIOL7370
Graduate Seminar in Ecology - BIOL7970

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