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Labs for the Physics 1500 and 1600 Series



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 E&M / Circuits

     Electric Fields [L-EF]

     Meters and Ohm's Law [L-MOL]  -- (This lab is intended for the Physics 1510 course)

     Breadboards, Meters, and Ohm's Law [L-BMOL]   -- (This lab is intended for the Physics 1610 course)

     4EM Wheatstone Bridge: Resistance and Resistivity

     6EM Efficiency of a Motor and Generator

     7EM Electrical Equivalent of Heat

     8EM RC Circuits

     9EM Magnetic Induction

     10EM RL Circuits

     11EM RLC Circuits


Fluids and Gases



     2M One Dimensional Motion

     5M Work Energy Theorem

     6M Inelastic Collisions

     8M Rotational Dynamics

     9M Simple Harmonic Motion

     10M Central Force


      AS Atomic Spectrum

      Charged Particles in E and B Fields; Determining e/m [L-CPEBF]

      Electron Diffraction [L-ED]

      NUC Determination of Half Life with a Geiger-Muller Counter [L-NUC]

Optics / Light

     1L  Reflection, Refraction, Total Internal Reflection, & Dispersion

     2L Mirrors and Lenses

     3L Physical Optics

     Diffraction and Interference [L-DI]

Thermodynamics / Heat 

      1H Specific Heat of a Solid

     2H Heat of Fusion of Water



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