Activities for the Physics 1500 and 1600 Series

The Activities listed below are intended to allow students to apply their knowledge of Physical Laws and Theories by predicting the outcome of certain physical situations under given physical quantities and constraints.  The instructions provided for the Activities are intended to be minimal, and the students are encouraged to use their texbooks and class notes.  Grades will be assigned based on how well the students' predictions match the actual outcomes.  Typically, students will work in groups of three or four.


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The appropriate activities must be printed and brought to lab each week.  Printing the procedures using the lab room printers will not be allowed.


E&M / Circuits

     Series and Parallel Resistors

     Kirchhoff's Laws

     Simple Motor

Fluids and Gasses 

     Archimedes' Principle

Mathematics and Trigonometery

     Math & Trig Review


     Concepts of One Dimensional Kinematics

     Conservation of Mechanical Energy

     Incline Plane

     Newton's 2nd Law Activity

     One Dimensional Motion Using an Incline Plane

     Static Equilibrium Using a Meterstick

     Two Dimensional Motion


Optics & Light

Thermodynamics & Heat 


    Vector Addition

    Vector Review (For Physics II Students)


     Standing Waves