Committees and Contact Points of DMS


Administrative team:

Tin-Yau Tam, Department Chair

Narendra Govil (Associate Chair and UPO)

Ulrich Albecht (GPO) 

Maggie Han (Instruction Director)

Pat Goeters (GTA Supervisor)


Advisory Committee (2014 - 2016):

Ash Abebe

Ulrich Albrecht (GPO),

Narendra Govil (UPO)

Maggie Han

Paul Schmidt


Graduate Studies Committee:

Doug Leonard (Chair, Fall 2013)

Huajun Huang (Fall 2014)

Wlodek Kuperberg (Fall 2012)

Yanzhao Cao (Fall 2012)

Jerzy Szulga (Fall 2014)

Nedret Billor (Fall 2013)

Ulrich Albrecht (GPO) Ex-officio member


Undergraduate Studies Committee:

Dmitry Glotov (Chair, Fall 2012)

Greg Harris (Fall 2013-Summer 2015)

Jessica McDonald (Fall 2014)

Guanqun Cao (Fall 2014)

Paul Schmidt (Fall 2013)

Piotr Minc (Fall 2013)

Narendra Govil (UPO) Ex-officio member

Regina Jackson (Pre-Calculus coordinator) Ex-officio member


Math Placement Test Committee:

Michel Smith (Chair)

Greg Harris

Peter Nylen

Guanqun Cao

Gina Jackson

Jennifer Stone


Colloquium Committee:

Ming Liao (Chair)

Junshan Lin

Luke Oeding


Computer Committee:

Darrel Hankerson (Chair)

Ash Abebe

Yanzhao Cao

Ted Kilgore

A. J. Meir


Faculty Awards Committee:

Peng Zeng (Chair)

Tin-Yau Tam

Narendra Govil

Andras Bezdek

Wenxian Shen


Online Instruction Committee:

Bertram Zinner (Chair)

Ted Kilgore

Tom Pate

Gina Jackson

Maggie Han (ex-officio)


International Programs Committee:

Erkan Nane (Chair)

Andras Bezdek

Luke Oeding

Tin-Yau Tam (ex-officio)


Bulletin Committee

Wlodek Kuperberg (Chair)

Ash Abebe

Ulrich Albrecht (GPO)

Narendra Govil (UPO)


Ad Hoc Lecturer Promotion Guidelines/Criteria Committee:

Georg Hetzer (Chair)

Ulrich Albrecht

Michel Smith

Lisa Peterson


Undergraduate Advisors (Mathematics): 


N. K. Govil

Greg Harris

Huajun Huang

Ming Liao

Piotr Minc

Erkan Nane

Ziqin Feng

Undergraduate Advisors (Applied Mathematics)

Georg Hetzer

Junshan Lin

Bertram Zinner

Applied Mathematics (ACTU)

Dmitry Glotov

Thomas Pate

Applied Mathematics (DISC)

Chris Rodger

Senator: Dmitry Glotov 

Colloquium Organizer: Ming Liao

MAA Liaison Officer: Maggie Han

AU Library Liaison Officer: Randall Holmes

Director of Actuarial Math Program: Tom Pate

Departmental Photographer: Doug Leonard

Putman Math Competition: Andras Bezdek

American Math Competition: Krystyna Kuperberg

Director of Math Tutoring Center: Narendra K. Govil

Math & Stat Librarian: Huajun Huang

Web Manager: Beth Fletcher

2013-14 Self Study Report Committee

Ash Abebe

Ulrich Albrecht (GPO),

Dmitry Glotov (Chair of USC)

Pat Goeters (GTA supervisor)

Narendra Govil (UPO)

Maggie Han (Instruction Director)

Jessica McDonald

Erkan Nane (Chair of GSC)

Paul Schmidt (Co-Chair)

Tin-Yau Tam (Chair)


COSAM Committees:

Research Advisory Committee: Peng Zeng and Chris Rodger

Faculty Travel Award Committee: Randall Holmes (Chair)

Graduate Student Travel Award Committee: Narendra Govil

GPO Committee: Ulrich Albrecht, Mark Carpenter, and Chris Rodger

Committee of 19: Chris Rodger

Dean’s Advisory Council: Chris Rodger and Tin-Yau Tam

Curriculum Committee: Maggie Han

COSAM Outstanding GTAs, Teacher and Advisor Award Committee: Andras Bezdek


University Committees:

Graduate Liaison Committee: Chris Rodger

Head/Chair Review Committee: Chris Rodger

University Curriculum Committee: Nedret Billor

University Budget Advisory Committee: Tin-Yau Tam

Auburn University Cyber Task Force: Darrel Hankerson

International Advisory Committee: Ash Abebe

Honors Faculty Advisory Committee: Włodek Kuperberg

AU Graduate Council: Chris Rodger (COSAM representative)

Core Curriculum and General Education Committee: Michel Smith

Last updated: 03/12/2015