Alumni Recognition

  • Dr. Greg Cox, '73, traces his success with the Center of Naval Analysis (CNS) to his mathematics foundation at Auburn University. The CNA was founded as a response to the U-boat threat in the North Atlantic in 1942 and is a federally funded research-and-development center serving the Department of Navy and other defense agencies.
  • Dr. Ed Dyas, '61, was recently elected to the College Football Hall of Fame. The former football All American finished fourth in the 1960 Heisman Trophy voting and was selected captain of the 1960 Scholastic All-American team. His accomplishments on the field included a 1960 NCAA record for the most field goals in a season. The retired orthopedic surgeon won four SEC games with field goals that same year. The highly decorated athlete eventually was awarded the Walter Gilbert Award in 1994, which is awarded annually to a former Auburn student-athlete who distinguishes himself through achievements post-graduation. Dr. Dyas is the 12th Auburn coach or player inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.
  • Dr. Sharon Massingale, '99, was recently promoted to head of the Alabama State Public Health Laboratory in Montgomery, Ala.
  • Rohan Kambeyanda, '09, spent two months during the summer of 2009 working for a company in Paris, France, called Fat Tire Bike Tours. Two or three times a day, Kambeyanda would lead English-speaking tourists on bike tours around Paris. In fall of 2009, Kambeyanda entered medical school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he was elected class president.
  • Dick Ashford, '66, was recently elected board chairman of the American Birding Association. The Ashland, Ore., resident was elected to the board of directors in 2007 by a majority of some 15,000 constituents and has been a member of the organization since 1986.
  • Hank Hartsfield, '54, the 2007 COSAM Distinguished Alumnus, was recognized by the Auburn Alumni Association with the Lifetime Achievement Award. This prestigious distinction was established in 2001 to honor extraordinary accomplishments by members of the Auburn community. In 1969, Dr. Hartsfield was assigned to NASA as an astronaut where he: provided input to pilots on the development of the space shuttle entry flight control system; piloted Columbia's fourth and final orbital flight test in June 1982; commanded the first flight of the Discovery in August 1984; and commanded the Challenger on the German D-1 Spacelab mission in October 1985.

Last updated: 03/08/2010