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Nicholas Giordano dean photo
Dean College of Sciences and Mathematics
246 Sciences Center Classroom Building
Office - [334] 844-5737
Fax - [334] 844-5748
E-mail:  njg0003@auburn.edu

Chris Rodger Chris Rodger
Associate Dean for Research
College of Sciences and Mathematics
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
248 Sciences Center Classroom Building
Office - [334] 844-9226
Fax - [334] 844-5255
E-mail:  rodgec1@auburn.edu

Chris Rodger, Don Logan Endowed Chair of Mathematics, is the associate dean of Research and Graduate Studies for COSAM. He is the recipient of a wide range of awards and accolades, including: the 2006 Scharnagel Professorship for teaching, research and outreach; the 2008 Auburn University Outreach Award; and the Hall Medal, given by the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications. Rodger holds bachelors and master’s degrees from the University of Sydney, Australia, and a doctorate from the University of Reading, England. He has been a faculty member of COSAM for more than 25 years. During that time he has received numerous grants for his outreach work and was among the six principal investigators for a $9 million National Science Foundation grant for the program, “Transforming East Alabama Mathematics,” or “TEAM-Math.” The purpose of TEAM-Math was to improve mathematics education in 14 local and regional school districts.

As associate dean, Rodger leads continuing efforts to assist faculty on grant and contract opportunities and proposal development, and maintain grant and contract records for the college. He also promotes and develops multidisciplinary research initiatives across Auburn's campus.

Vince Cammarata Vince Cammarata
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
College of Sciences and Mathematics
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
249 Sciences Center Classroom Building
Office - [334] 844-4555
Fax - [334] 844-5748
E-mail:  cammavi@auburn.edu

Vince Cammarata, associate professor of chemistry, began his tenure as COSAM's associate dean for academic affairs in August 2012. Cammarata, who is an analytical chemist, received his bachelor of science from California Institute of Technology, his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and conducted post-doctoral work at the University of Minnesota. He joined the Auburn faculty in 1991, and since that time has served the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, COSAM and the university as a whole in a number of capacities including: undergraduate advisor for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; division chair of analytical chemistry; member of the 2010-2011 COSAM Curriculum Committee; participant on the Toomer's Corner Oaks Task Force; and faculty advisor to both the Auburn Rowing and Auburn Triathletes sports clubs.

"I've worked with some terrific Chemistry students in the last 20 years," Cammarata said. "As associate dean for academic affairs, I now get the privilege to interact and learn from all the outstanding students in COSAM and hopefully, help them achieve their goals. What could be more exciting than that?"
For more information on Cammarata, visit his webpage.

Mary Lou Ewald Mary-Lou Ewald
Outreach Director College of Sciences and Mathematics
Sciences Center Classroom Building
Office - [334] 844-5745
Fax - [334] 844-5748
E-mail:  ewaldml@auburn.edu

As Outreach Director for COSAM, I coordinate programs, such as Science Olympiad, Science in Motion, and Y.E.S., designed to enhance K-12 student interest and knowledge in fields of science and mathematics. Additionally, many of our outreach programs, such as Alabama Operation Chemistry and Physics, Pasco Institute, and GAVRT, focus on K-12 teacher training and enrichment. It is our mission to not only increase student interest in science and math careers, but also to promote the level of science and technological literacy needed by all citizens for day-to-day living and decision making in the new millennium. The College of Sciences and Mathematics is highly committed to local, regional, statewide, and national science and math outreach efforts. For program specifics, please consult the COSAM Outreach web page.


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