Summaries for tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty-level positions in our college are provided below. Clicking on the hyperlinked job position will direct you to additional information about the position, including how to apply. A link to information about staff and non-faculty positions is available in the "Quick Links" section below.

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No current vacancies  

Curriculum and Teaching
No current vacancies

Educational Foundations, Leadership and Technology

No current vacancies

Special Education, Rehabilitation and Counseling
No current vacancies

Vacant Non-Faculty Positions within the College of Education

For more information about these job opportunities and vacancies visit www.auemployment.com and follow the instructions accordingly. When considering employment in the College of Education, search through job vacancies in the following departments (using the "Departments" pull-down menus):

orange bullet Curriculum and Teaching (Department of)

orange bullet Development Admin (Office of Development)

orange bullet East Alabama Regional Inservice Center

orange bullet Education Admin (Dean's Office, Professional Education Services, External Relations)

orange bullet Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology (Department of)

orange bullet Learning Resources Center

orange bullet School of Kinesiology

orange bullet Special Ed, Rehab and Counseling (Department of)

orange bullet Truman Pierce Institute

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