About TPI

The Truman Pierce Institute, a research and outreach unit in Auburn University's College of Education, is devoted to the study and improvement of teaching, learning, and leadership. Chartered by the governor and university president in 1982, the institute's work focuses on ways to improve schools and communities by creating partnerships, conducting research, and providing programs to meet the needs of schools and communities.

Who Is Truman Pierce?

The Truman Pierce Institute (TPI) is named in honor of Dr. Truman M. Pierce, an educational visionary, who served as Dean for Auburn University's College of Education for two decades and made regional and national contributions to educational arenas. He understood the need for an infrastructure to sustain educational reform that responded to the needs of students and society and worked tirelessly toward that end.  

Purposes of TPI  

  • To support progress toward meeting the educational needs of the state and region    

  • To foster collaborative partnerships to improve education and educational opportunities

  • To stimulate the development and proper implementation of the knowledge base for preparing educators

  • To improve the conditions within schools and communities which influence the effectiveness of leadership, teaching, and learning 

TPI Successes

  • Increased student achievement in partnership schools

  • Significant decreases in dropout rates in (Instructional Improvement Institute) counties where student leadership academies were established

  • Established partnerships between rural schools and universities or community colleges for the improvement of teacher education and local school practices focused on student achievement and community/economic development

  • Provided job-embedded professional development for educators, focused on student achievement

  • Provided funding for new curricula, programs and technologies to increase student opportunities

  • Assisted in the development of Future Educator programs at several rural high schools to identify and encourage interest in prospective local teachers

  • Expanded opportunities for pre-service teachers and interns (tutors, after-school programs, mentors, and innovative teaching strategies)

  • Provided training for student tutors to be implemented in 21st Community Learning Centers

  • Provided leadership training for school administrators, teacher leaders, and traditional and non-traditional student leaders in rural school systems around the state

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2014

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