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The College of Education has a managed computer network that supports many types of technology equipment to help faculty and staff meet their needs.

For their primary computer, faculty can select either a desktop or a notebook computer. Auburn University has a contract with GovConnection for PC-based desktops and notebooks and an education discount agreement with Apple for Macintosh desktop and notebook computers. Please take a look at the options below, then click the button below to complete the online quote request form (link requires AU login).

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For Microsoft Windows-based computers, we recommend the Dell Optiplex 7010 Workstation. This computer is configured with a quad-core Intel i5 Processor. The College of Education IT staff installs Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise as part of our deployment process. The Apple Macintosh iMac offers Intel multi-core processors with ample memory and hard drive space to handle tasks common for faculty at a research institution. The iMac is an all-in-one desktop and typically comes with a built-in 21.5"  LCD flat-panel display. The Apple iMac runs Macintosh OS X Mavericks (10.9). 


  DellOptiplex7010 iMac


There are various options available for notebook computers depending on the use a faculty member estimates. All notebook computers have wireless Internet capability (Wi-Fi), ability to connect to an external mouse and printers, and capability to connect to the projectors in our technology-enhanced classrooms. Wi-Fi allows users to connect to wireless access points where Internet connections may be available. The IT staff recommends users call hotels and conferences ahead of time to determine the kind of wireless access available so adequate steps can be taken beforehand to ensure connectivity.

HP, Dell, Microsoft and Apple offer ultra-light weight options. The MacBook Air has a 13" LCD display and typically weighs three-pounds. It is designed to maximize battery life, so it does not generally have the fastest processor or large hard drives. For this reason, ultra-lightweight laptops do not make good primary computers. The HP EliteBook Folio has a 14" screen, 8 GB of RAM, a 32GB Flash cache, and an Intel i5 processor. The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a 10” tablet with a full version of Windows 8.1.  A keyboard/cover is recommended to provide notebook functionality for it.  The Surface Pro 2 weighs in at 2 pounds.

The standard notebook computer options include the MacBook Pro for Macintosh-based computers. All models weigh between five- to seven-pounds. In addition to adequate memory and hard drive space, standard notebooks come with CD and DVD burners among other useful features. A standard notebook computer can typically run four hours on battery with average use before it will need recharging. The MacBook Pro comes with either a 13-inch or 15-inch ultra-bright display. The HP Probook 6570b has a 15.6-inch screen and the latest Intel i-Series processor. It typically weighs around six-pounds, and comes with a CD and DVD burner and webcam.  The Dell Latitude E6540 is similar to the HP Probook.

A docking station option is typically available for notebook computers. Docking solutions allow the notebook to connect to a pre-wired external monitor, printer, keyboard and mouse.

Equipment Information

Elitebook Folio   Surface Pro 2   Dell Latitude E6540


All computers managed by the College of Education IT unit come with Sophos Anti-Virus software. Additionally, many software titles are available via a site license at Auburn University. A majority of the software is restricted to AU-owned computers, with a few exceptions. If there is a particular software title that you are interested in using, please contact us. A partial list of licensed software is online at the following link.


Apple iPads can be purchased through the bookstore. The newest models, iPad Air and the smaller iPad mini, come with retina screens.  The iPads now come in 4 models: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.  The bookstore is offering a third-party protection plan called Safeware and it is $125 for each iPad.  For the iPads that the LRC manages, we have purchased this as it has two years of accidental coverage with unlimited instances.

Cell phone/PDA

Auburn University has a contract with Verizon Wireless that benefits both the university-held accounts and personal accounts used by university employees. Auburn University also manages a Blackberry Enterprise Server that can enable you to keep up with your email, contacts, calendar events, tasks and notes on your Blackberry device. This service has to be approved by the department. Auburn University uses Microsoft Exchange for faculty and staff email. This will allow email, contacts and calendar events to easily sync with devices that support Exchange (i.e. Droid, iPhone, etc.).


Auburn University uses Hewlett-Packard laser or inkjet printers. The most common and cost-effective option is a black & white laser printer. Users who may need easy access to color printing have the option of an HP color inkjet printer. Most College of Education departments also have color laser printers available for faculty and staff use. The College of Education IT staff does not recommend all-in-one inkjet solutions.


As new technology advancements happen, there are many exciting new accessories and gadgets available for use by faculty and staff. If you have an interest in a new product, please e-mail Asim Ali, and he will be happy to discuss possible options with you.

Data Backup

Auburn University manages an IBM Tivoli server that allows nightly, automated incremental backups. This software works well on computers that are connected on-campus to the wired Ethernet connection. Tivoli is also able to make on-demand backups. For assistance in configuring and using Tivoli Storage Manager, please review the instructions available at the following link.

All users have unique expectations and uses for their technology. Please contact Asim Ali via the tech support e-mail to obtain information and assistance in putting together quotes and configurations for technology items that will meet your needs.

Technology Blog

The College of Education Information Technology staff maintains a blog with tips, news and other information that you may find helpful. The blog is accessible at:

Request a Quote

To begin the process of ordering a new computer, please click here and complete the form. Quotes are sent to the departmental representative responsible for ordering equipment. For other equipment and peripherals such as printers and scanners, please email the College of Education Technology Support staff at

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