Centers and Institutes

As part of the Auburn University's trifold mission of teaching, research and outreach, the College of Education provides resources and services to faculty, staff, students, and the learning community through its centers, laboratories, institutes and clinics. Some of these resources and services include:

Auburn Center for Evaluation
The Auburn Center for Evaluation (ACE) provides expertise in program evaluation, research design, data analysis, and dissemination of findings to support the implementation and evaluation of education- and industry-related endeavors across the Auburn campus, Alabama, and beyond. Established in 2014, ACE is affiliated with the Department of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology.

Auburn Transition Leadership Institute  

The Auburn Transition Leadership Institute addresses issues, problems and practices regarding youth and young adults with disabilities. It has a strong partnership with Alabama's special education and rehabilitation state agencies whose transition programs and services are designed to enhance the success of students with disabilities as they cross the 'bridge' from high school to post-school life. The Institute, an affiliate of the Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling, assumes a leadership role in this mission through its array of programs pertaining to pre-service and in-service training, applied research, and innovative outreach initiatives.

Center for Disability Research and Service

Auburn University's Center for Disability Research and Service is uniquely positioned to conduct an array of research activities and to provide selected services to persons with the most significant disabilities. The center has three distinct, yet collaborative research and service units: autism/developmental disabilities, assistive technology, employer and community supports and program evaluation. Together, these units have the potential to impact the lives of persons with disabilities and the community at large in terms of gaining access to education, employment, housing, transportation, health care and leisure opportunities in the community of choice. The center promotes the diversity that persons with disabilities bring to the community. We embrace the ideals that have carried and defined the disability movement since the 1960s -- independence, productivity and inclusion.

Clinics and Laboratories 

Serves the teaching, research and outreach mission of the College of Education. Learning and participation in these facilities and external clinics provide hands-on experiences for our students. By bringing theory into practice, students become better equipped to enter the work force in their chosen profession. Laboratories and clinics also offer our faculty an opportunity to generate research data and provide outreach services to the community and state.  

East Alabama Regional Inservice Center

Serves schools in 15 school districts in East Central Alabama. The East Alabama Regional Inservice Center (EARIC) provides a wide range of resources, training and services for area teachers and administrators. In addition to conducting region-wide workshops, conferences and seminars, the center assists staff development coordinators in local schools in planning and conducting system and building-based in-service training. 

Gastrointestinal Research Center

Promotes research investigations that provide a better understanding of the functions/dysfunctions, structures, mechanisms, and health of the gastrointestinal tract of animals and humans.

Learning Resources Center

Serves as an information, resource and technology center for the college. The center assists students and faculty by providing computer and Internet access, equipment for classroom learning, circulation materials, project and presentation materials and other college support services such as word processing, graphic design, duplicating and room scheduling.  

Truman Pierce Institute

Serves as a research and outreach institute devoted to the study and improvement of teaching and learning. The Institute's roles also include fostering collaboration between higher education and public schools, developing professional development schools, assisting with leadership and management training for schools and improving the conditions within schools and communities that influence the effectiveness of leadership.  

Warrior Research Center

Assists the US Armed Forces in maximizing readiness through improvement of warrior physical and technical performance and equipment in order to fight and win in the 21st century battle space.

Other Resources

In addition to the many resources such as clinics and laboratories, the College of Education seeks to provide resources and assist with university resources for our students, faculty, staff and others.

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