sti imageSTI Professional Development Program Enrollment Instructions

To register for a workshop/session, you must log on to the ALSDE STI Professional Development program  link to external web site.
You are already registered with STI if you were a State of Alabama teacher in 2007-2008. Please use the information below to log on to STI PD.   

Your User Name First initial, last initial, last six digits of your Social Security number John Doe = jd123456 (lower case)
Your Password Six-digit birth date (separated by dashes) Jan. 1, 1965 = 01-01-65
Your LEA Current employer/school system Use pull-down menu (drop box)

Note: Once you are logged on to STI PD, please update your profile with  your current contact information including your email address.  

To register for a session, click "View Schedule" under the PD title for which you wish to register.  This will allow you to view all workshop sessions available under a particular title.  You can enroll for your selected session at that point. 

Example:  You wish to enroll for the PD Title Course of Study Arts Education.  Click View Schedule to view all sessions such as Course of Study Arts Education Session for Grades K-5, Course of Study Visual Arts Session for Grades 6-12, etc.  Enroll in selected session.

If you have any problems with the STI registration, please contact the EARIC office.   If you were not a teacher at a State of Alabama school last year or you are a teacher with a private school, please call the EARIC office at 334-844-5028 for assistance with registration. 

Last Updated: May 22, 2013

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