The East Alabama Regional Inservice Center (EARIC), operated through the Dean's Office in the Auburn University College of Education, provides free training, resources and services for teachers and administrators in the 15 school districts in the east central portion of Alabama. EARIC strives to provide educators cutting-edge staff development that promotes:

bullet Research-based strategies

bullet Data-driven instruction

bullet Continuous improvement

bullet Ongoing training and support

bullet Collaboration

bullet Channel for educator networks

bullet Sustainability of academic achievement

In addition to providing region-wide training sessions, EARIC assists staff development coordinators in local systems and schools in planning and conducting system-wide and building-based inservice training.

Under the direction of a 16-member governing board, EARIC offers more than 250 professional development opportunities per year both on the Auburn campus and locally in individual school systems. Program content is data-driven based on region-wide needs assessment results and the collaboration of planning teams comprised of educators from the public school arena as well as university faculty. These collaborative planning efforts result in the delivery of a quality staff development program focused on increasing student achievement through enhancing educator performance.

Through EARIC, educators are provided with opportunities for continuous professional growth grounded in effective research-based practices. EARIC encourages educators to be proactive practitioners and take charge of their own professional learning and see the transformation in student achievement.

Last Updated: May 13, 2014

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