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Counseling students volunteer at NotasulgaPromoting Advocacy in Education

AuburnVoices coordinates with student organizations within the College of Education to focus efforts on advocacy and outreach.



>> Promoting student leadership and advocacy.

>> Developing cooperative relationships with at-risk schools and community programs that serve children, adolescents, and families.

>> Preparing future educators and professionals to work with students from diverse backgrounds including serving students with special needs.

>> Providing a framework to help student organizations, student leaders, and faculty advisors to become involved in advocacy projects and programs.


AuburnVoices provides leadership, advocacy, and grant-writing training to COE students, faculty advisors, and  teachers. We also provide mentoring, assistance and development opportunities to help COE students in the process of becoming advocates and educational leaders.

AuburnVoices website provides information and links to projects and resource requests from area at-risk schools for student organizations. The website also provides resources, training materials and links to help promote involvement and advocacy.

AuburnVoices engages in activities that help recognize student organizations in their advocacy and leadership activities.

AuburnVoices is involved in grant writing and fundraising activities to help at-risk schools and support student advocacy.

The students' lives were enhanced by the necessary tools and materials . . .
without AuburnVoices we would not have achieved this

Participating Teacher, Notasulga

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2012

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