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Donations loaded in vehicle for delivery Notasulga football players receive donated football

SPONSORED by Auburn University Chapter Iota Delta Sigma (see pictures)
Grades K - 3  "Reading Nook. The Reading Nook will be located in the atrium of the building and utilized by all K - 6 students.
Resources Requested: - Couch - Bookshelves - Large chair or old time bath tub - 9 x 12 area rug
- Books, magazines, newspapers - Lamp - End table

SPONSORED by COE National Advisory Council
Books have been purchased on behalf of The College of Education National Advisory Council. The books will be utilized to fulfill literacy-related requests both in the Book Nook as well as individual classrooms. Books were delivered to the school on November 12th and distributed in conjunction with Iota Delta Sigma’s set-up of the Book Nook.

SPONSORED by Dr. Lynne Patrick
The Notasulga High School football team is doing exceptionally well this year under the direction of Coach Lucas. They have won several games and have been highlighted in the Auburn/Opelika newspaper. Coach Lucas has done this with only one regulation AHSAA football! He is truly working with the minimum amount of resources while delivering the max. Resource Requested: 1 AHSAA Regulation Football (Available at Academy Sports, etc).

SPONSORED by College of Education Student Council
Grade 2 Math: "Journals (Snip it, Stick it, Solve it)"
My students complete a warm up activity, "Snip It, Solve It" daily. I am in need of resources to carry it out for the whole year.
Resources Requested: Composition notebooks, Ink for Canon Printer (40,41) , Glue Sticks

SPONSORED by College of Education Student Council
Grades K - 6 Technology Education: "New Century Education"
The New Century Education program implements Reading, Language Arts, writing scope and sequence
skills through computer use.
Resources Requested:
- Expo dry erase markers (15 count, bold)
- Pencils (15 count)
- Stapler and staples
- Pencil sharpener (electric)
- College ruled paper (10 pks)
- Three Ring Notebooks (5)
- Box of folders

SPONSORED by Student Alabama Education Association (SAEA)
Grades 7 - 9  Social Studies: "Map Skills"
Resources Requested:
1 World Map and 1 USA Map (both Physical and Political). Retractable.

SPONSORED by Eric Crumley, Auburn University (CED)
Grades 7 & 8 Music: "Using Fipple Sticks to Build Music Literacy" We have 30 recorders for
class use. In order for our students to get a chance to learn to play recorder, we need at
least 30 more recorders.
Resources Requested:
Yamaha 20-series YRS-24B 3 piece C Soprano Recorder (English Fingerings) 30
$4.45 each = $133.50

SPONSORED by Association of Counseling Psychology Students (ACOPS)
Grades K - 12 Phys Ed: "Physical Education"
We are in desperate need of equipment for physical education: any kinds of balls, jump ropes,
board games, etc.

SPONSORED by Iota Delta Sigma
Grade K - 12 Counseling: "Classroom Guidance"
Resources Requested:
#2 pencils
Elementary level story books on topics dealing with emotions. Example(s):
-Simon's Hook; A Story About Teases and Put-downs by Karen Gedig
-Sandplay: A Sourcebook for Play Therapists by Susan Perkins McNally PhD
-Dinosaurs Divorce by Marc Brown
-A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue (Children's/Life Skills) by Julia Cook
-Skills for Living: Group Counseling Activities for Elementary Students by R. Smead
-Small Group Counseling for Children K-2 by Diane S.Senn
-The Way I Feel by Janan Cain
-How to Lose All Your Friends (Picture Puffins) by Nancy L. Carlson

SPONSORED by Iota Delta Sigma
Grade 5: "An Evening at the Theatre" Students will eat dinner our and attend a theatrical
production of "Harriet's Return."
Resources Requested (37 students, 4 chaperones):
Tickets - $15.00 x 40 = $600.00
Food - $6.00 x 40 = $200.00
Bus - $129.00
Driver - $175.00
Total - $1,104.00

SPONSORED by Dr. David Shannon & Dr. Jamie Carney
All Grades, All Subjects
Grant Writing Workshop requested by Principal Sullen

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2011

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