Neuromechanical Research Lab

ATC image 2The Neuromechanics Research Laboratory (NuRL) is located in the School of Kinesiology building.  The teaching and research laboratory was designed to complement and collaborate with the current Biodynamics, Thermal Regulatory, and Exercise Physiology laboratories.  The NuRL offers a Motion Monitor real-time 3-D motion capture system, Bertec non-conducting force platform embedded in a 32 foot elevated walkway/platform, Delsys Bagnoli 8 channel Electromyography system, and Grass Telefactor square pulse stimulator, along with various accelerometers, electrogoniometers and associated laboratory equipment and computers.  The over 1500 square feet of dedicated lab space and an additional 300 square feet of laboratory office space is adjacent to the new Thermal Regulatory laboratory; with which it shares an additional large exercise space offering treadmills, bikes, resistance training and other exercise equipment.  Currently, students at the undergraduate, masters' and doctoral level are involved in on-going research projects in the NuRL.

The mission of the NuRL is to conduct research that investigates current practice/problems the field of sports medicine;  contributes to the refinement of current treatment techniques; and assists in the development of new treatment methods to improve the lives of those we serve.

The current focus of research in the NuRL is the sensorimotor system - and how it adapts to activity, pathology and rehabilitation/therapy.  Additionally, on-going projects and collaborations include investigations into vibration therapy, modalities, balance development in toddlers, and the biomechanics of rehabilitation.

(associated faculty: Sefton, Weimar)

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2013

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