Biomechanics Lab

biomechanicsThe Biomechanics Laboratory is a 2000 sq ft teaching and research facility with three primary data collection systems housed within the lab and access to eight other data collection systems across the Auburn University campus. The Biomechanics Laboratory has an AMTI force platform embedded in a 44-foot walkway, 2 high-speed video cameras with a video digitizing system, and an eight-channel Noraxon EMG system. The Laboratory also has numerous related peripheral electronics and computers. 

 While most of the research conducted within this laboratory is focused on balance and joint dynamics, the capabilities of this facility and that of our collaborative partners has allowed for research ranging from chewing kinematics to the influence of ice on proprioception of the ankle.  There are several research projects currently underway in the lab including, the influence of working on incline surfaces on balance, the influence of a patella strap on lower leg function, the influence of teaching methods on kinematic parameters of two motor skills and the role of balance as a predictor of activity of children under the age of five.

(associated faculty: Weimar, Sefton)

Last Updated: May 24, 2011

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