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On June 21, 2013, the Auburn University Board of Trustees approved the designation change from "Department" to "School" for Kinesiology. We are now officially the School of Kinesiology.

Welcome to the School of Kinesiology, the center of research and study on human movement and physical activity. Our mission is to promote the creation and application of knowledge about physical activity and performance, create and implement an invigorating learning environment for undergraduate and graduate students, and improve the health and wellness of society through research, outreach, and teaching.

Kinesiology relates studies in biomechanical and motor behavior, epidemiology and exercise behavior, muscle physiology, neuromechanics, and sports optimization. Pursuing a degree in kinesiology can lead to a variety of professions including  physical therapy, occupational therapy, physical education, coaching, and medicine.


Own Your Mark:
Through the purchase of a personalized, engraved paver outside the new Kinesiology building, you will enable students to reach their educational goals and administrators to recruit and retain the best faculty members in the field. Further, your support will help expand cutting edge health and human performance research. Click here to download an order form

2015 Speed, Agility, & Conditioning Camp for ALL Sports. Please click here for more information and to register for the 2015 Speed, Agility, & Conditioning Camp for ALL Sports. The camp runs June 9, 11, 16, & 18.

The 2nd Annual Move & Groove Family Fit Fun Day presented by the Auburn University School of Kinesiology will be on April 25, 2015. Click here for more information.

Warrior Athletic Trainers helping soldiers stay fit. The Warrior Athletic Training, or W-A-T Program has recently expanded to assist units all over Fort Benning. The program applies athletic training techniques to Soldiers in an effort to minimize lost training time due to injuries. This team spent a day with Fort Benning senior leaders to familiarize them with the program objectives. Click here to view the story.

Team Handball Club Created Taking Shape. Click here to read more about Auburn's Team Handball Club.

Doctoral Candidate Graham McGinnis was among the winners of the poster competition at the UAB Center for Exercise Medicine's (UCEM) Inaugural Symposium on Exercise Biology and Medicine in Rehabilitation on October 23, 2013. The conference highlighted several diverse and talented faculty members at UAB, including Auburn alum Dr. Gordon Fisher, and concluded with a keynote address from Dr. Powers, University of Florida.

Congratulations to Dr. Braden Romer for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation entitled, "Influence of Tactile Feedback on Trunk Coordination and Electromyography
During Walking ". Dr. Romer’s advisor and mentor was Dr. Wendi Weimar, Director of the Sport Biomechanics Laboratory in the School of Kinesiology.  Dr. Romer defended his dissertation October 10, 2013. He is currently an assistant professor of Biomechanics at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana.

Congratulations to Dr. Tim Moore for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation entitled, "Novel Approach for Assessment and Mitigation of Heat-Stress Adverse Effects". Dr. Moore's advisors and mentors were Dr. David Pascoe, Director of the Thermal Regulation Laboratory and Gastrointestinal Research Center in the School of Kinesiology, and Dr. Vitaly Vodyanoy from the School of Vet Medicine. Dr. Moore defended his dissertation September 23rd, 2013. His dissertation work has already resulted in 3 published papers in quality journals and 1 in preparation for submission. 

  • Article 1: Antagonistic Activity of Bacillus Against Foodborne Pathogens (Published in the Journal of Probiotics & Health)
  • Article 2: Bacillus Probiotic for Prevention of Heat stress-Related Complications ( Manuscript is prepared for publication)
  • Article 3: Microscopic Evaluation of Vesicles Shed by Erythrocytes at Elevated Temperatures (Published in the Journal Microscopy Research and Techniques)
  • Article 4: Microscopic Evaluation of Vesicles Shed by Rat Erythrocytes at Elevated Temperatures (Published in the Journal of Thermal Biology)

Kinesiology is proud to announce 100% participation in the 2012-13 Capital Campaign . This is the 7th consecutive year that Kinesiology has had 100% participation!

Tiger Cubs Fit Club
This Fall the School of Kinesiology will begin its Tiger Cubs Fit Club program that offers a variety of group- and autonomy-based activities that promote motor skill competence, physical activity, fitness, body composition, and self-perceptions in children. For more information please visit the program's webpage.  

Kinesiology Store
Please visit our online store where you can purchase Kinesiology merchandise or pay for TigerFit assessments by Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

Exercise is Medicine 
Learn more about why you should spend 30 minutes a day exercising

Kinesiology Strategic Planning
Kinesiology has completed an extensive 5 and 10 year strategic plan. This plan is designed to advance the unit’s mission through research, outreach, and teaching. Click here to read the strategic plan.

New MRI Center increases research opportunities for Kinesiology
Click here to read more about the new MRI Center.

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