Professional Development System (PDS) Council

In October 1990, the Auburn University College of Education and the Auburn City Schools formed a Professional Development System (PDS) Committee. The PDS had developed from the Auburn University Holmes Committee which had as one of its purposes to share responsibility for the preparation of teachers with professional development schools. In 2006, the College of Education reaffirmed its commitment to collaboration with Auburn City Schools and formed the Professional Development System Council, known as the PDS Council. In January 2010, the college and Auburn City Schools' Professional Development System was honored nationally with the 2010 Nancy Zimpher Award for Best Partnership.


The mission of the Auburn City Schools/Auburn University Professional Development System is to foster collaboration among educators, students, candidates, parents/guardians, and other stakeholders.  


The Professional Development System (PDS) Council will:  

1.   Follow policies and procedures that promote educational achievement.

2.   Develop and implement educational programs and support services in response to identified needs.

3.   Adopt new programs after:

  • Participating in the development of the programs by representatives of all those affected;

  • Providing for necessary training;

  • Determining of evaluation processes;

  • Validating effectiveness through school-based (ACS/AU) research.


Membership of the Professional Development System (PDS) Council includes faculty and administrators from Auburn City Schools and Auburn University's College of Education.  

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2015

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