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The Concepts of Science program is administered from the Geology Office (210 Petrie Hall), Department of Geosciences, Auburn University. For general information, call the Geology office at 334 844 4282. The program Director is David T. King, Jr., Professor of Geology. His office is 115 Petrie Hall and his telephone is 334 844 4882.

You can follow this link to his homepage (Click here), or email him directly at

If you want to get into Concepts of Science class – or change sections – and you cannot do this on your own using a computer, call the Geology Office at the number above.

The Director can help you with information about the Concepts of Science course, including questions like who should take it and why, questions about policies and grading issues (including issues that come up while a student is enrolled or after taking the class), and questions about how to get in touch with your lecture instructor or laboratory teacher.

The Director cannot place you in a class, change your section, tell you your grade or status in a class, adjust your grade, or help you obtain notes from other lecture instructors.

The Director organizes and oversees the Concepts of Science laboratory classes, which are taught by Graduate Teaching Assistants. The Director meets with the laboratory teaching cadre on a weekly basis.

The Director recruits highly regarded teaching faculty for the lecture instructor positions and outstanding GTAs as laboratory teachers and is in charge of evaluating and assessing the Concepts course.

The Director presently teaches the on-campus summer-term Concepts of Science class, which is usually offered during the first five-week, summer term session.