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Study Abroad Concepts of Science

In the future, Concepts of Science may be offered in the Study Abroad program during summer semesters (usually during the 5-week summer term II). Students interested in Study Abroad Concepts of Science (or Study Abroad Honors Concepts of Science) should check with the available programs listing on the AU Study Abroad web page during fall or spring terms (before March 30 each year) prior to the summer you want to go with us. That is the best way to find out if Concepts of Science will be available and to start the enrollment process.

Study Abroad classes require fees paid to AU and separately purchased airfare and incidentals.  More information on cost can be obtained from the Director of Concepts of Science. 

Concepts of Science may be offered in venues like Coldigioco, Italy, or northern Belize. 

Part of the Study Abroad class will be held at AU and part in the overseas venue.  Usually this is about two weeks at AU and about two weeks overseas.

The Director is in charge of Study Abroad Concepts of Science, so please contact him if you have questions (