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Honors Concepts of Science

Honors Concepts of Science, which has course number SCMH 1017, is offered during most fall, spring, and summer (“mini-term I”) semesters. SCMH 1017 can take the place of SCMH 1010 in the AU core science sequence for Honors College students at AU. Therefore, SCMH 1017 should be taken first in the AU core science Honors sequence.

Honors Concepts of Science is similar to SCMH 1010, but there is a higher expectation of students in terms of workload, including some independent research and scholarship, plus potential science immersion experiences. During fall and spring terms, Honors Concepts meets as a separate lecture and laboratory class from SCMH 1010. During summer terms, SCMH 1017 meets at the same time as SCMH 1010 lecture and laboratory.

Instructors with long experience teaching Concepts lectures and exceptional peer recommendations are chosen as lecture teachers for Honors Concepts of Science. Highly qualified graduate students (GTAs) are chosen as laboratory instructors for Honors Concepts classes. Honors Concepts is organized, evaluated, and assessed by the Director of the Concepts program.

If you have questions about Honors Concepts of Science, please contact the Director of the Concepts program (contact information is given in a link off the Concepts home page).