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Concepts of Science faculty who teach lecture sections of this class are recruited from among the best instructors in the College of Sciences and Mathematics. Most of our lecture instructors have many years of teaching experience and have won awards or received other special recognition for their quality teaching. Concepts of Science faculty are recommended by their peers and department Chairs for these assignments. Because of its breadth, Concepts of Science can be a challenging course to teach, but our lecture instructors are enthusiastic about taking on this challenge. They enjoy teaching this course and have volunteered to do so.

Students who take Concepts of Science are encouraged to get to know their lecture instructors. Some of the things a student might ask a Concepts of Science lecture instructor are: why did you choose science as professional career; what is it like to be a professional scientist; what do you enjoy about what you do; based on my interests, what second core science class should I take at Auburn; etc. Lecture instructors in this program are open to such discussions and value the opportunity to talk with students about science, science classes, and science careers.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of lecture instructor’s office hours and other available times to discuss the course and to discuss science in general.

Current students are encouraged to learn more about their instructors by looking at their home pages. Click here for links that will lead you to the home pages of recent and current Concepts of Science lecture instructors (alternatively, there may be a link to their email addresses).