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Distance Learning Concepts of Science

A distance-learning section of Concepts of Science, which has a different course number – SCMH 1013, will be available starting with fall term 2012.  This section of Concepts will have a lecture that can be taken at any time of day (but must be viewed on an strict schedule) and laboratory sessions that have two components: 

(1) a pre-lab that must be viewed and completed on-line before the group lab session

(2) a group lab session in which all students enrolled in that lab section must be on-line and logged in at the same time. 

This distance-learning section of Concepts of Science is an alternative to the standard lecture and laboratory Concepts class but in no way is this section of the course less challenging or rigorous than the standard class.  In fact, the deadlines for viewing lecture materials and completing lecture and laboratory assignments is stricter than the standard class format.  Further, students must be logged in for the group lab session all at the same time or they are considered absent (an unexcused absence).

Absences in distance-learning classes like Concepts of Science are generally not allowed and the standard for proof of absence due to illness or other university-approved reasons is higher than with standard classes. 

Students are advised to carefully consider whether taking distance-learning Concepts is for them if they are not in a position to stay on a strict schedule for lecture and laboratory sessions or if they do not have access to adequate computer equipment.