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Perhaps no other dance can be called "addictive," "obsessive" or "totally sensual", - but the Tango can! "Is one supposed to dance it standing up?" --Comtesse Melanie de PourtalÚs

"Tango is like love in the afternoon -- naughty, but nice! In its purest form, Tango is a sensual coupling, forged by raw emotion. The closest thing you'll find to a vertical expression of a horizontal desire!" --Angela Rippon

The exact origins of the Tango are not clear, but it does go back well over 100 years. Beginning just before the 20th Century, the Tango evolved, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in Montevideo, Uruguay. 'The Tango', is Argentina's (and Uruguay's) contribution to the world of dance. It should be noted that Montivideo, Uruguay, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, are "twin cities", located, on opposite shores at the mouth of the Rio De La Plata. The original Candombe rhythms were heard in both cities, and the "Tango' was, and still is, a part of both cultures.

The Tango time sequence would go from the Barrios (poor, working class neighborhoods), to the Bordellos, to the elite ballrooms of Europe, and to New York in the 1920s. Tango has been steadily growing into the 21st Century, - more popular than ever. 


Technical specifics

Meter: 4/4
Tempo: anywhere from 64-128 beats per minute
Basic Rhythm: Slow - Slow - Quick - Quick - Slow 
Music Style: Medium-tempo Latin music
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Movement fundamentals

The main characteristic of the tango is the bent knee. Find a position that is comfortable, with your knees bent, and try to maintain that position throughout the entire dance. The Tango is unique in that many steps are also danced in a Right Foot Outside position. The Tango is also unique in the dancer's head position. BOTH dancers are "looking" in the same direction. The Lead usually looks (more or less) to his Left side, while the Follow is looking (more or less) to her Right side.


Click HERE for the steps of the Tango.

Link to more advanced Tango steps.


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