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Square dances are based on one or more squares made up of eight dancers (four couples) who start in a squared up set with one couple facing each wall. The common terminology of square dance designates two of their pairs as head couples and the other two as side couples. During a square dance, the dancers follow a caller who leads the dancers by calling the steps for them to follow in a very similar way to which the leader of an aerobics workout leads the participants though the exercises.

A sequence is a set of calls with all the dancers starting at their home positions, dancing the calls, and ending back at their home positions again. When dancers square up they dance a number of sequences with the same people. That is called a tip. At the end of the tip, it is traditional to kindly thank everyone in your square and shake hands. Then there is a short break before the next tip. And by tradition, every tip starts with a “bow to your partner” and “bow to your corner.”

Square dances are easy to learn in that nearly all the listed movements take either 4, 8 or 16 steps. It should be easy for students to find their beginning and ending points at any given time. All they will need to be able to do is find the underlying the underlying 1-2-3-4 beat of the music. Square dance music usually has a particularly easy beat to follow.


Sample square dance routine


Click HERE for 10 terrific square dance moves.

Now, try these samples below.


Sample Square Dances

1.  Four men turn the corner Left Hand Around ... Put the ladies in the center back to back* ... Men Promenade Single File around the outside ... Turn this same lady once and a half ... Put the men in the center back to back ... Ladies Promenade Single File around the outside ... Turn the same man by the Left Hand Around ... Swing your partner

* The ladies/men step into the center of the set and face out so that all four people are back to back. Several other variations can be built around the same theme. For example the men or the ladies could be asked to turn the opposite or the right hand person once around before coming home.

2.  Four Ladies Chain Across ... Chain Back ... Put the Ladies in the Middle Back to Back ... Men Promenade Outside ... Turn Your Partner by the Left Turn Your Corner by the Right Partner Left ... Corner Promenade ...

3.  Allemande Left ... Put the Ladies Back to Back ... Men Promenade Around the Outside ... Allemande Left Once and a Half and put the Men in the Center Back to Back ... Ladies Promenade Around the Outside ... Allemande Left ... Grand Right & Left ...

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