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Social Dance
First Steps
Cha Cha
Line Dancing
Square Dance

Information on this CD-ROM outlines all you need to know about the various dances that will be learned in this class. They are listed on the left column. Click on any of the topics (e.g. Cha Cha, Waltz or Square Dance) to take you to descriptions of the dances, the steps, music and video.

The CD is designed to be as interactive and visual as possible. Aside from text descriptions, you also have photographs and video.

Photo - this symbol represents a link to a photograph -- it will open as a popup when you click on the icon.

Video - this symbol represents a link to a video clip -- it will open in a new page when you click on the icon.

If you do not have a media player to view video, you can click on the links below to download.

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Real Player

A note on dance diagrams
You will notice throughout this CD there are a number of diagrams of dance steps. Some folks like to look at each dance step diagram and 'dance' it with their index and middle fingers. However, most of the steps in this course have been kept simple enough so that virtually everyone can start to dance immediately. First, practice the steps alone, and when you are comfortable with the step, dance it with a partner. One of the "keys" to each dance is just that. At the very start of your learning experience, you want to do the "steps" very slowly and very precisely -over and over, for 30 minutes - so that your "reflex" movements will be correct later on when you are not concentrating so hard.

A note on dance steps
On the web pages that list all the dance steps, you will notice that many are accompanied by one or both of two icons. These indicate links to video instruction of that step.
www.2leftfeet.com has the icon
while www.ballroomdancers.com has the icon

These sites are particularly useful for you to cross check once you think you have worked out how to do

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